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CORN Falcon sm 0420
Falcon (a Corning brand)
Life Science plasticware for tissue culture, genomics and microbiology, liquid handling; Corning Discovery Labware (Falcon, BioCoat, Cell-Tak™, Gentest™, Matrigel®) for cell culture and IVF, ECM, biologicals, reagents for cell culture


GERH sm 0420
Gerhard Analytical Systems
C. Gerhardt is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of analysis systems for food and animal feed, raw materials and plant matter. They represent reliability and precision, long-lasting partnerships, flexibility and continuous service orientation – since 1846
GERR Gerresheimer sm 17
Chromatography vials, caps, septa and laboratory glassware
B 0313 Gesim
Liquid Handling Automation for Nanolitre Pipetting Applications such as Microarraying and Assay Miniaturization. 3D Bio-Printing for Tissue Engineering in Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials Research Applications. Micro-Contact Printing and Nano-Imprint-Lithography Automation. Automated Sythesis of Medicinal Compounds and PET-tracers
GRAN sm 0420
Unstirred and stirred water baths, dry block heaters, shaking and ultrasonic baths, refrigerated circulators and vortex mixers
Grenova 0321 99x57
Grenova produce benchtop, robotic-arm friendly, high-throughput automated pipette tip washer which has endless possibilities for developing a reuse process. TipNovus™ and the TIpNovus-Mini enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times. The built-in dryer and simple user interface make this machine cost and waste reduction critical. 


HACH sm 0420
Water analysis test kits, spectrophotometers, pH meters, turbidity meters, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD kits and apparatus

HAMC sm 0420
Hamilton Company
Auto Diluters/Dispensers, In-line Sensors (pH, DO, ORP, Conductivity), Syringes & Needles, HPLC Columns, Laboratory electrodes, Standards & Buffers, Pipettes & Tips
HAMR sm 0420
Hamilton Robotics
Liquid handling robots; laboratory automation; automated compound & sample storage systems
HAMS sm 0420
Hamilton Storage
Comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for a broad array of life science processes 
HEID sm 2018
Reliable, smart solutions for laboratory instrumentation. Maintenance-free motors prevent downtime, additional maintenance and costly repairs


Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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