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  HAMC ANZ 0524 1700 Series Syringes  

1700 Series Syringes

Valid Until: 31.05.2024
    Gastight syringes accurately
dispense both liquid and gases
Volumes from 10μL to 500μL 

  IKAA AU 0524 Rotatemp  

NEW - Rotatemp & CBC VISC Lite

Valid Until: 31.05.2024
    Introductory Offers!
Introducing the Rotatemp high temperature heating cylinder and CBC VISC Lite heating and cooling bath circulator

  OHAU ANZ 0524 Semi Micro Balance  

Adventurer Semi-Micro

Valid Until: 31.05.2024
    Reliable accuracy and precision
with MonoBlac technology
Comes with a 3-year warranty

  PRIO 0424 EV150 300x150  

EV150-BASE Autoclave

Valid Until: 31.05.2024
    1 Unit Only
Quickseal single-action door fitted with thermal and pressure locks to prevent opening at load temperature above 80 °C and pressures above 0.2 bar.
Includes: 3 baskets & export crate

  TOMY 0424 SX-700E  

SX-700E 72L Autoclave

Valid Until: 31.05.2024
    The Tomy SX-700E top loading autoclave is powered from a 240V 50Hz 15amp supply and  requires no plumbing so can be moved to where it is required!  

  ANJE ANZ 0524 UVP Gel Compact  

NEW - UVP Gel Compact

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    Capture and analyze images with a mobile phone with this fully automated, phone driven Bioimaging System  

  CORN 0424 Cell Culture 300x150  

Cell Culture

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    Need assistance in scaling up your workflow?
Corning can help by providing end-to-end workflow products

  EPRE ANZ 0524 Microtome  

Rotary Microtome

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    In Stock
High stability and precision for
premium-quality paraffin sections
Request a quote today!

  MIEL ANZ 0524 PG8583  

PG8593 Washer/Disinfector 

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    Active DryPlus HEPA filtered drying ensures your loads come out dry
Includes a 2-year warranty

  SANY AU 0524 Pharam Fridge 165L  

165L Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    5 Units Only
Uniform storage temperature for
the most demanding applications

  TOMY AU 0524 FLS-1000  

FLS-1000 100L Autoclave

Valid Until: 30.06.2024
    Supplied with 2 stainless steel mesh baskets and a 2-year warranty  

  GRAN ANZ 0524 Mixing-and-Shaking  

Mixing & Shaking

Valid Until: 31.07.2024
    In Stock
Vortex mixer, microcentrifuge/vortex
mixer combi-spin and more

  GRAN 0424 Water Baths  

Scientific Waterbaths

Valid Until: 31.07.2024
    Arriving Soon
15% Off Circulating, Unstirred, and Shaking Waterbaths

  HAMC 0424 Dual-Syringe Diluters  

Dual Syringe Diluters

Valid Until: 30.09.2024
    Are you interested in upgrading your manual pipetting process to a semi-automated solution? 
The Hamilton ML600s are the perfect solution for  semi-automating basic lab processes

  HAMC 0324 HUB-RN Needles  

Hub RN Needles

Valid Until: 30.09.2024
    From $74
Removable needles give you  the best
of both worlds:
benefit of a replaceable needle and the
minimal dead volume of a cemented needle