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  Sam Version 2 7cm Bio-Strategy's first Source Crossword Winners Bala Version2 7cm  
Samantha Cassar
Victoria University
  Bala Malayattil
Azelis New Zealand

BSPL Source Q3 21-1   BS(P)L CrosswordPuzzle   ANJE thermalcyclers   AZLO-DWK Wwash-bottles
Bio-Strategy SOURCE Mailer
Jul - Sep 2021
Bio-Strategy SOURCE Puzzle
Your Chance to WIN
Analytik Jena  PCR and qPCR Thermal Cyclers
Available Now
Azlon Wide Neck LDPE Wash Bottles
30% off
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Automate your workflow with the Trobot II and qTower3 Auto
10-year optical warranty on qTower3 Auto systems
96 or 384 well systems
Patented DripLok® vapour venting “VTML” option
Do-it-yourself labelling option
Fitted with colour coded one-piece PP closures
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CHES chemsupply-range   CORN CellCounter   CORN+SORE Microcentrifuge   Cytiva-GEHE illustra
Chemicals, Reagents and Ingredients
Direct shipments
Corning Cell Counter Bundle
Package Deal
Corning® LSE™ Mini Microcentrifuge Pack
Free Tubes
Cytiva illustra Extraction Kits
10% off
Achieve the most accurate results, consistently and reliably
Great stock levels and reduced delivery time
Cell Counter and Counting Chamber
Accurate cell counts in a flash
No consumables and fast online image processing
Personal bench top centrifuge
Quick-release rotor system and electronic brake
Up to 8 microcentrifuge tubes or 4 PCR strip tubes
RNAspin Mini Kits
Blood genomicPrep Mini Spin Kits
FX PCR DNA and Gel Band Purification Kits
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DWK Duran Beakers   DWK Quickfit-Joints 1   EPRE NZ Cytospin   EPRE Cytospin-Consumables
DWK Life Sciences - Duran Beakers
Low and high form
DWK - Quickfit® Precision Joints
30% off
Epredia Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge
Free Starter Kit
Epredia Single Use Disposal Cytofunnels
15% off
Manufactured from Borosilicate glass 3.3
High maximum usage temperature
High light transparency
Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass
Resistant to chemical attack
Rounded rim profile for extra joint strength
The ultimate, affordable system for thin-layer cell preparation
Combine with Epredia cytology consumables 
Single-use Epredia™ Shandon™ Cytofunnels™
The original, trusted, easy-to-use funnel
Cost- and time-effective
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HAMS Labelite   IKAA KS4000i-Incubator   IKAA Rotary-Evap   LBCP Labconco-Scrubber
Hamilton Storage LabElite DeFroster
New Product
IKA KS4000i Control Incubator
Only 2 at this price
IKA Rotary Evaporators - 3 models
IKA’s extended warranty
SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber
New Product
Automated Rack Frost Remover
Keep 2D barcodes visible on sample racks
Compact footprint and hands-free design
With Universal Attachment
Innovative incubator shaker design allowing unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment
Simple operation
RV 3 – for the budget conscious
RV 8 – for teaching and school laboratories
RV 10 – advanced features for the professional
Underbench or freestanding models from Labconco
Save 40% water usage when compared to hand-washing
CleanWorks™ OS for intelligent wash programming
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MIEL PG8583-CD Washer   PALL Minimate   PHCbi SANY PharmaFridge   PRIO Autoclaves
Miele PG8583 Washer/Disinfector
Save $1,879
Pall Minimate EVO Tangential Flow Filtration
New Product
PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
In stock
Priorclave Autoclave Range
Free Printer
Underbench /standalone model with many accessories
Free A102 upper basket, 2 AK12 inserts, free detergent and neutraliser
Streamlines laboratory-scale concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange processes
Plug-n-play design
High concentration factors
Efficient and energy saving cooling with HC refrigerants
No devastating temperature spikes during defrost cycle
3-year warranty
Free Priorclave thermal printer, valued at over $2,000
Cylindrical and rectangular chambers, front or top loading
Large range
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    SVAR ElisaAssays   TOMY SX-700e-Autoclave    
Svar Life Science Complement assays
Special Trial Pricing
Tomy SX-700E Autoclave
Save over $7,000
One Test - Three Pathways
Proven correlation with haemolytic assays (CH50, APH50)
A valuable diagnostic tool in a number of clinical situations
Affordable Sterilising Solution
Top loading, 79L stainless steel chamber, two baskets
1 free preventative maintenance visit (metro areas only)
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