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BSPL 2104 Source Q2 2021

Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions

Information and Promotions on Instrumentation, Equipment & Consumables 
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BS(P)L 2104 Source Xword-puzzle 142

Your Chance to WIN 

Complete the crossword entry form, find the hidden ‘code word’ then register your entry, for your chance to win a Gift Hamper to share with your co-workers!  
Winner will be announced in our next quarterly Source
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Entries Close: 30 June 2021  
ANJE 2104 analytik-jena-qtower3 142

Analytik Jena qTOWER³ Now Available for Demo!

Ask us to trial the qTOWER³ Touch system today!
The qTOWER³ product family guarantees well-founded real-time results. It benefits from 30-years of experience, adapting peerless temperature control precision in the sample block whether it be up to 96 or up to 384 samples.
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ASKI 2104 Askion Coldeye+142

Askion ColdEye+ Scanner

The only scanner for all applications
The ColdEye+ is the first and only portable scanner worldwide that enables safe and reliable sample identification at warm and cryogenic temperatures
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AZLO 2104 Azlon-pp-beakers 142

Save on Azlon PP Beakers

Over 30% Off!  No more broken glass beakers, use Azlon plastic beakers instead!
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
BRAD 2104 Brady-Printer-Bundles 142

Brady Printer Bundles

Save up to 25%! 3 different special bundle deals exclusive to Bio-Strategy
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
BIBB 2104 dwk-pyrex-test-tubes 142

DWK Pyrex® Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes

Save 30% - Superior chemical and heat resistance properties to neutral borosilicate or soda-lime glass tubes
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
EPRE 2104 epredia-mx35-blades 142

Epredia MX35 Ultra™ Low-Profile Blade

15% off - Disposable blades for Microtomes and Cryostats
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
EPRE 2104 epredia-slidemate 142

Epredia SlideMate Pro

Introductory Price! Dual-hoppers /  Singular solution
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
GREN 2104 Grenova New 142

Grenova Rethinking Laboratory Waste

NEW At Bio-Strategy - Fully automated, high throughput tip washers
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HACH 2104 Hach-dr890-colorimeter 142

Hach DR890 Colorimeter

On Sale! - Standard features of the DR890 Portable Colorimeter Series with 90 methods and automatic wavelength selection
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 or While Stocks Last more >
HEID 2104 Heidolph-Stirrer 142

Heidolph Mr Silver Package

Magnetic Stirrer with Precise Temperature Control - External temperature sensor for precise control
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 or While Stocks Last more >
IKAA 2104 IKA-in-stock 142

IKA Products

Special pricing on limited stock availability! Visit our Webshop or call us for stock availability of your favourite IKA products
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
KIML 2104 kimble-blood-tubes 142

Kimble Blood and Haematocrit Tubes

25% Off - Kimble tubes for blood typing and Micro-Haematocrit tubes for checking the red blood cell percentage in blood
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
LBCO Logic-vue 142

Introducing the Labconco Logic Vue Class II Enclosures

Coming Soon - Automated Equipment such as Liquid Handlers and Cell Sorters
FEATURE more >
METT Mettler Toledo-me-t-balance 142

Mettler Toledo ME-T Standard Balance

Sale Now On! - Easy-to-use balances with an intuitive touchscreen and a long lifespan thanks to metal base with chemically resistant housing
VALID UNTIL:  30 June 2021 more >
MIEL 2104 Miele-PG8583-Washer 142

Miele PG8583 Washer/Disinfector

Package Deal! - Free installation and commissioning*, free detergent and neutraliser (total savings: $942)
*(city metro area’s only within 100km of GPO).
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
PALL 2104 Pall Centrifugal Devices 142

Pall Laboratory Centrifugal Devices

Ultrafiltration is an ideal method for concentrating, desalting, and exchanging buffers of protein samples.
Pall Laboratory provides one stop solution for Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration applications.
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SANY 2104 phcbi-mpr-pharma 142

PHCbi MPR Pharmaceutical Range

What’s your quality of cold?
All PHCbi cold storage products come standard with a complimentary 1st year preventative maintenance attendance.
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PRIO 2104 Priorclave-Q63-Autoclave 142

Priorclave Q63 Series Autoclaves

10% Off - Impressive load capacities ideally suited for sterilising larger loads and bulky items
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
REIC 2104 Reichert- Refractometers 142

Reichert Refractometers

From the versatile, pocket-sized digital devices that raise the bar for performance and value, to the durable and rugged analogue, these instruments put powerful and accurate performance in the palm of your hand.
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
TOMY 2104 Tomy-sx-700e-autoclave 142

Tomy SX-700E Autoclave

Save over $7,000 - 79 litre Toploading Autoclave , including 2 baskets
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >
WHAT 2104 Whatman-Uniflo-Syringe-Filter 142

New Whatman Uniflo Syringe Filters on Sale!

Now extended to include 13mm, 25mm and 30mm syringe filters
VALID UNTIL: 30 June 2021 more >

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