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Puzzle 2310 300X150
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DWK 1123 Genius Edition

  BSPL 2311 Source 300x150  


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  ILCD 2309 Respirator 300x150  

SCape CBRN30 Adult Respirator

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    The only NIOSH approved Air-Purifying Escape Respirator with a powerful ventilation system  

  JASC 2310 FTIR 4X-Range 300x150  

FT/IR Spectrometers

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    A standalone instrument that is compatible with a wide range of sampling accessories like standard ATR, to microscopes for imaging and
chemical mapping

  LAUD 2311 Versafreezer 300x150  

Versafreeze 129L 

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    Features an intuitive, modern touch display with a wide range of setting options, password-protected access rights and secure monitoring via
the LAUDA Cloud

  OHAU 2311 Orbital Shakers 300x150  

Extreme Environmental Shaker

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    Extreme Performance, Under Extreme Conditions
It's unique construction reliably delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability under extreme conditions

  OHAU 2310 Scout STX Range Extended Offer  

Scout STX Portable Precision Balances

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    Extended Offer
 Contact your local Bio-Strategy representative today to organise a demonstration

  SANY 2311 84L Chest Freezer 300x150  

VIP ULT 84L Chest Freezer

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    Small Size, Small Price
Ideal for small volume clinical trial
samples and temperature control testing

  SANY 2311 84L -80 MDF-DU502 VH 300x150  

VIP Eco ULT 528L Freezer 

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    Sustainability Savings!
Save now and into the future with
the ULT -80oC freezer
Save on energy and HVAC costs

  REIC 2311 Digital Refractometer 300x150  

Handheld Digital Refractometers

Valid Until: 15.12.2023
    AR200 - Performance of a lab instrument with the ease of use of a handheld
Brix/RI-CHEK - The multi disciplinary digital handheld device

  EPRE 2311 Paraffin 300x150  

Paraffin Histoplast PE

Valid Until: 31.01.2024
    8 x 1kg bags
Easy-to-use, resealable bags
making handling simple, clean and quick

  JASC 2311 V-700 Spectrophotometer 300x150  

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Valid Until: 31.01.2024
    Compact design, excellent optical performance, suitable for teaching & research, pharmaceutical applications