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BSL AU 2010 Source Q4-2020 142

Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions

Information and Promotions on Instrumentation, Equipment & Consumables as well as focus on products and support for the HEALTH AND DIAGNOSTIC sector
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020           more >

Analytik Jena qTOWER³ is Now Available for Demo

The qTOWER³ product family guarantees well-founded real-time results as it benefits from 30-years of experience adapting peerless temperature control precision in the sample block whether it be up to 96 or up to 384 samples
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
ANJE TOne-Thermal-Cycler

Analytik Jena Biometra TOne Thermal Cycler

The Biometra TOne is a high-performance system. The combination of excellent technical data and an attractive price makes it the right choice for many research and routine laboratories
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
CYTIVA ThinkPink

#CytivaThinkPink in October - Join Us!

During the month of October, simply purchase any products from the laboratory research consumables range, and Cytiva will donate $1 per pack to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)
VALID UNTIL 31 October 2020 more >
CYTIVA Western-Blotting

Cytiva Western Blotting Products

Western Blotting Detection | Western Blotting Membranes | Amersham ECL Molecular Weight Markers
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >

Cytiva - Diagnostic Grade Filter Papers from Whatman Range

Whatman DX components
Pads and membranes for lateral flow, flow through, blotting, and dipstick assays
FEATURE more >
DWK-AZLO Wash-Bottles

DWK - Azlon Multi-lingual Wide Neck LDPE Wash Bottles

With either the patented DripLok® vapour venting valve to prevent solvent drips “VTML” or the non-vented “PML” bottles
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
DWK-KIML Blood+Haematocrit-Tubes

DWK - Kimble Blood and Haematocrit Tubes

For blood typing and Micro-Haematocrit tubes for checking the red blood cell percentage in blood
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
ELGA Water-Treatment-Systems

ELGA Water Treatment Systems

ELGA are the laboratory water specialists, working with scientists for over 80 years
Purchase a New Elga System and receive your first year FREE on a 3-year Preventative Maintenance Agreement! plus 15 % off all consumables
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
EPRE Products-Feature

Epredia is a Global Leader in Precision Cancer Diagnostics and Tissue Diagnostics

Powered by the respected names in the industry – Shandon™, Richard-Allan Scientific™, Microm™, Menzel-Glaser™ - offering the highest quality products to enable our customers to achieve diagnostic excellence.
FEATURE more >
GRAN Optima-Water-Baths

Grant Stirred Waterbath 

Model T100-ST26, 26-litre bath with immersion thermostat for accurate temperate control for straightforward applications in the range of 0°C to 100°C
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
HEID Vortex-Mixers

Heidolph Vortex Mixers

Incredibly strong and robust, the strong shaking motion guarantees excellent mixing results without exception
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
IKAA 2020 End of Year Sale

IKA BIG End of Year Sale

Product Discontinuations - Pick up a bargain!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
MDEV SpectraMax-ABS

Molecular Devices SpectraMax ABS or ABS Plus Reader

Affordable monochromator-based plate readers - order before 21 December and receive a 25% discount
VALID UNTIL 21 December 2020 more >

Meso Scale new range of Immuno-Oncology assays now available

The flexibility of the U-PLEX platform empowers you to make personalised multiplex assay combinations
Take advantage of Electrochemiluminescence technology to increase the sensitivity and dynamic range of your assay
FEATURE more >
METT Balances+pH-Meter

Mettler-Toledo Balances & pH Meters

Mettler Toledo laboratory essentials at great prices
ME-T analytical and precision balances are designed to make your weighing tasks simple, fast and efficient
The benchtop pH-meter optimal measuring specifications ensures great performance in all pH and conductivity measurements
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
MIEL PG8583-Washer-Package

Miele PG8583 Laboratory Washer Package

Miele Professional PG8583 have been the standard in Laboratory Underbench/Free-Standing Washers for the past four years
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
PALL Sentino-Pump

NEW Pall Sentino® Microbiology Pump

Increase efficiency of your microbiology workflow with the Sentino Microbiology Family
Free product with each order - limited time only
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
PHCbi -70ULT-VaccineStorage

PHCbi Covid-19 Storage Development is Evolving - Freezer Farms

At times like these, PHCbi are ready and committed to supporting you and your colleagues in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. From modeling and vaccine development, to reliable storage of diagnostic test kits, reagents, enzymes and specimens, PHCbi have you covered across the temperature and environmental spectrum.
FEATURE more >
PHCbi -80-ULT freezer

PHCbi ECO VIP Range of ULT -80°C Freezers

Save over 35% on the energy costs when compared to a similar sized conventional non-HC refrigerant -80°C freezer AND save up to 25 % if ordering before 31 December
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
PHCbi Pharma-FridgeFreezer

PHCbi MPR-N450 Range - Combined Pharmaceutical Refrigerator and Freezer Unit

A complete storage solution with minimal footprint; combines high performance pharmaceutical refrigeration with -30°C biomedical storage; either glass or solid refrigerator doors
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
PRIO QCS-Series-Autoclaves

Priorclave QCS Series Autoclaves

The versatile Priorclave QCS series have a model suitable for your sterilisation requirements - 10 % off
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >
REIC logo-for-various

Reichert - Refractometers for your Industry

Automotive Testing  -  Digital Refractometers to check your automobile fluids more >
Clinical and Veterinary  -  10% off UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer (230V) and selected refractormeters more >
Food and Beverage  -  10% off Handheld Analogue and Digital Refractometers more >
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020  

Tomy Toploading Autoclaves

The Compact Toploading SX-500E Autoclave from Tomy (Japan) requires no costly plumbing or electrical services 
Choose between free upgrade or 15% off regular price
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2020 more >

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