Advion Interchim offer an extensive consumable range, including vials (up to 60mL) & caps; vial racks and boxes; bottles & sample tubes; filters (non-sterile), membranes & filter tubes and many more


Globally trusted gloves for life science, industrial research and clean rooms (PPE)


Laboratory identification, safety labels, label printers



(incl Falcon)
Life Science products for cell culture, genomics and microbiology, liquid handling, filtration and laboratory glassware


Protein purification chromatography with AKTA systems & columns, resins for FPLC, Western Blotting reagents, membranes & imaging systems, Biacore consumables, Nucleic acid purification & amplification in the illustra range, Percoll & Ficoll cell density media and Whatman filtration products

DWK Life Sciences

Duran - Wheaton - Kimble - SciLabware
A wide range of plastic and glass labware and specialty products for life science applications



Laboratory Consumables: tips, racks, tubes, boxes, cyrostorage vials, plates, cuvettes, PCR films and foils


Histology consumables, from specimen collection to processing, sectioning to staining and archiving


Chromatography vials, caps, septa and laboratory glassware



Water analysis test kits, BOD, COD kits

Hamilton Company

In-line Sensors (pH, DO, ORP, Conductivity), Syringes & Needles, HPLC Columns, Laboratory electrodes, Standards & Buffers, Pipettes & Tips

ILC Dover

Providing flexible, efficient protective solutions whilst safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions


Inorganic Ventures

Manufacturing almost any inorganic Certified Reference Materials for ICP, ICP-MS, IC, atomic absorption, wet chemistry, and QC applications, delivering ultimate standards across multiple industries.


Reusable plastic labware, bottles, liquid handling and racks

Knittel Glaser

Microscope slides and cover slips



Range of liquid handling solutions including pipette tips, PCR products, microcentrifuge tubes, MµltiFlex gel loading tips, and the innovative, ergonomic and environmentally-friendly OneTouch tips

Labplas Inc

Sterile and eco-friendly sampling bags

Pall (Cytiva)

Filtration and separation products


Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies are 100% focused on digital PCR and have been since 2013.Their new Nio™ system was engineered to set new benchmarks for performance and versatility in addition to unparalleled user-friendliness


Plastic consumables for Life Science, pathology, food and beverage, industrial, mining and environmental applications


Freezer racking, freezer boxes



Syringes, needles and accessories