Kits, Reagents, Chemicals


Kits, Reagents and Chemicals



High quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and reagents


DNA/RNA extraction and analysis - a completely new approach
Extraction kits providing more convenience, quality, and speed

ChemSupply Australia

Locally owned manufacturer of laboratory chemicals; Bio-Strategy now offer direct shipments from ChemSupply to your laboratory reducing delivery time, and maintaining full compliance with Australian regulations


DRG International

Specialist diagnostic EIA assays

Kingfisher Biotech

Antibodies, immunoassay and wine activity kits


Assay kits, reagents and enzymes, offering high-purity, ultra-stable products used in analytical testing across a range of industries - from cereals and food manufacturing, to biofuel and animal feed, to wine, beer and dairy products


Meso Scale Diagnostics

Assays and reagents for rapid, sensitive and convenient biological measurements using patented ECL technology

NanoString Technologies

GeoMx Assays, nCounter Panels and Assays, kits for gene expression, copy number variation and miRNA analysis

One Lambda

(incl. Linkage Biosciences)
HLA antibody screening and DNA typing reagents and antibodies


Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, blocking peptides, siRNA, shRNA and lentiviral particles

SVAR Life Science

Specialist EIA kits for Immunology