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An introduction to Bio-Strategy®

Bio-Strategy offers a comprehensive range of products for your laboratory research, analysis and production. Our portfolio includes technical instrumentation, high quality laboratory equipment, consumables, chemicals and reagents & assays for many applications.
Bio-Strategy was founded in 2003 and is an established ISO9001:2015 accredited distributor delivering technology to the Scientific Community throughout Australasia. The Bio-Strategy team shares a passion for science and, in partnership with world leading suppliers, we provide our customers solutions to advance their research and work.
From our extensive product range we provide quality technology to customers in numerous market sectors including: Diagnostic Laboratories, Academic Research, Government Institutes, Applied Testing and Industry. Our specialists can tailor solutions to fit your research and business needs.
Bio-Strategy’s head office is located in Melbourne with local teams throughout the country. Our skilled application scientists, sales specialists, service engineers, and our entire team of more than 130 staff across Australasia are available to support you and your laboratory requirements. 
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  John Chesterfield
Chief Executive Officer
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Technical Services
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