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MEGA sm 2017
A global leader in assay kits, reagents and enzymes, offering high-purity, ultra-stable products used in analytical testing across a range of industries - from cereals and food manufacturing, to biofuel and animal feed, to wine, beer and dairy products
MESO sm 2017
Meso Scale Diagnostics
Assays, instruments and reagents for rapid, sensitive and convenient biological measurements using patented ECL technology
METT sm 2017
Mettler Toledo
Analytical/top pan/moisture balances, pH/conductivity/DO meters, refractometers, densitometers, titrators, pipettes, dispensers
MIEL sm 0313
Miele Professional
Laboratory and hospital washers/disinfectors
MDEV sm 0915
Molecular Devices
Microplate readers & washers; microarray scanners; drug discovery; high content screening; research software; bio-production and development; Custom solutions for workflow; reagents
MPbio ICNA sm 0420
MP Biomedical
Life Science reagents, FastPrep Homogeniser and lysing matrices, chemicals, kits


NABE sm 0420
Muffle, ashing and tube furnaces
NSTG sm 2017
NanoString Technologies
Novel digital molecular barcoding technology enabling a wide variety of basic research, translational medicine and in vitro diagnostics applications