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DWK 1123 Genius Edition

EOY 2311 AU Equip EOY 2311 AU Cons JASC 2311 V-700 Spectrophotometer 300x150  
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Limited Stock!
While Stocks Last
Only $8,995
Includes: IKA Ex-Demo Stock, Eppendorf Pipettes, PHCbi Incubators
and cold storage plus more
Includes: DWK Beakers, Test Tubes,
Epredia Cassettes and
Whatman Filter Paper
Compact design, excellent optical performance, suitable for teaching & research, pharmaceutical applications
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SANY 2311 84L -80 MDF-DU502 VH 300x150 SANY 2311 84L Chest Freezer 300x150 LAUD 2311 Versafreezer 300x150  
VIP Eco ULT 528L Freezer 
VIP ULT 84L Chest Freezer
Versafreeze 129L 
Only $11,300
Only $5,876
Only $18,320
Save now and into the future with
the ULT -80oC freezer
Save on energy and HVAC costs
Small Size, Small Price
Ideal for small volume clinical trial
samples and temperature control testing
Reliable monitoring and highly efficient insulation for long-term storage and
quality assurance
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OHAU 2311 Orbital Shakers 300x150 REIC 2311 Digital Refractometer 300x150 EPRE 2311 Paraffin 300x150  
Extreme Environmental Shaker
Handheld Digital Refractometers
Paraffin Histoplast PE
Only $5,995
From $689
Only $88
It's unique construction reliably delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability under extreme conditions Designed for use in a numerous
applications including
food, beverage and agriculture
8 x 1kg bags
Easy-to-use, resealable bags
making handling simple, clean and quick
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