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MDEV 0324 Pro7 Training Save The Date!  

FREE Softmax Pro Tutorial
25 July 2024  | 3:00pm NZST
(more dates available - see link for details)

Presented by: 
Shane Doris Cheung, Application Scientist,
Bio-Strategy part of DKSH

0424 NSTG CosMx SMI vs Xenium Webinar 300X200 On-Demand

Are you ready to witness a systematic comparison for single-cell spatial analysis platforms?

See how CosMx SMI outperforms Xenium when it comes to key performance and discoverable biology.

HAMS Sample Solutions Webinar Preparing Frozen Samples for
-80oC Automated Storage

20 minute, on-demand webinar with Jeremiah Hawk, SAM HD Product Manager, Hamilton Storage

HAMS-OnDemand Webinar

Automated Biobanking with BiOS

1hr OnDemand Webinar
Protecting sample integrity and security, presented by Michelle Ng-Almada Ph.D BiOS Product Mangager, Hamilton Storage covering the advantages, best practice and case studies of using automated biobanking technology over traditional manual storage systems.

HAMR Auto Webinars

Learn About Lab Automation

Live and On-Demand Webinars 
Hamilton Robotics: Solutions for fully automated workflows
Hamilton Storage: Comprehensive automated sample management

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