ANJE thermalcyclers   AZLO-DWK Wwash-bottles   CHES chemsupply-range   CORN CellCounter
Analytik Jena  PCR and qPCR Thermal Cyclers
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Azlon Wide Neck LDPE Wash Bottles
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Chemicals, Reagents and Ingredients
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Corning Cell Counter Bundle
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CORN+SORE Microcentrifuge   Cytiva-GEHE illustra   DWK Duran Beakers   DWK Quickfit-Joints 1
Corning® LSE™ Mini Microcentrifuge Pack
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Cytiva illustra Extraction Kits
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DWK Life Sciences - Duran Beakers
Low and high form
DWK - Quickfit® Precision Joints
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EPRE NZ Cytospin   EPRE Cytospin-Consumables   HAMS Labelite   IKAA KS4000i-Incubator
Epredia Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge
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Epredia Single Use Disposal Cytofunnels
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Hamilton Storage LabElite DeFroster
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IKA KS4000i Control Incubator
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IKAA Rotary-Evap   MIEL PG8583-CD Washer   PALL Minimate   PHCbi SANY PharmaFridge
IKA Rotary Evaporators - 3 models
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Miele PG8583 Washer/Disinfector
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Pall Minimate EVO Tangential Flow Filtration
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PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
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PRIO Autoclaves   SVAR ElisaAssays   TOMY SX-700e-Autoclave   BSPL Source Q3-21
Priorclave Autoclave Range
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Svar Life Science Complement assays
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Tomy SX-700E Autoclave
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Jul - Sep 2021