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IKAA sm 0420
Grinding mills, dispersers/homogenisers, stirrers, hotplates, vortex mixers, orbital shakers, calorimeters, rotary evaporators
ILC-Dover sm 0321
Providing flexible, efficient protective solutions whilst safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions. 
Achieve maximum productivity and operational efficiencies with safe and reliable single-use flexible powder solutions for high containment or reusable intermediate bulk systems and solutions for liquid and dry packaging.


JASCO sm 0621
A global leader in a wide range of innovative technologies using optical spectroscopy and chromatography. They produce the highest quality scientific products for cutting edge research, teaching, process, and routine analysis, and are a world leader in Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy (CDS), and related new techniques such as Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD).


KART sm 0420
Reusable plastic labware, bottles, liquid handling and racks
KINF Kingfisher sm 17
Kingfisher Biotech
Antibodies, immunoassay and wine activity kits
KNIT KnittelGlaser 17
Knittel Glaser
Microscope slides and cover slips


LabAdvantage SORE sm 2019
Range of liquid handling solutions including pipette tips, PCR products, microcentrifuge tubes, MµltiFlex gel loading tips, and the innovative, ergonomic and environmentally-friendly OneTouch tips
LABP sm 2017
Labplas Inc.
Sterile and eco-friendly sampling bags
LAUD Lauda sm 18
Water baths, heating and cooling thermostats, process thermostats, circulation chillers, constant temperature circulators
ONEL sm 0313
Linkage Biosciences (a One Lambda brand)
Development of molecular diagnostic technologies, offering human leukocyte antigen testing product used in solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, as well as provides pharmacogenomic and autoimmune disease testing and research and genetic marker tests