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CareDX Logo SM
Deliver solutions that support your broad spectrum of transplant diagnostic needs, from initial matching to post-transplant monitoring and care

B ChemSupply 17
ChemSupply Australia
Locally owned manufacturer of laboratory chemicals. Bio-Strategy now offer direct shipments from ChemSupply to your laboratory reducing delivery time, and maintaining full compliance with Australian regulations
CORN sm 2018
A large range of Life Science products for cell culture, genomics and microbiology, liquid handling, filtration and laboratory glassware
CRYO sm 0915
Benchtop frozen sample aliquotter
Cytiva GEHE sm 0820 Cytiva
Protein purification chromatography with AKTA systems & columns, resins for FPLC, Western Blotting reagents, membranes & imaging systems, Biacore consumables, Nucleic acid purification & amplification in the illustra range, Percoll & Ficoll cell density media and Whatman filtration products


DRGI sm 0313
DRG International
Specialist diagnostic EIA assays
DWK sm 0820
DWK Life Sciences
Duran (Schott ) - Wheaton - Kimble - SciLabware
A wide range of plastic labware and specialty products for life science applications


ELET Elctrothermal sm 2017
Equipment for your heating, cooling and stirring needs
EPPE sm 2017
Liquid handling; pipettes, titrators, dispensers, microfuges, multi purpose centrifuges, thermocyclers, electroporators, spectroscopy and thermomixers

EPRE Epredia
Anatomical Pathology Equipment and Consumables including printing, tissue processing, embedding, cryotomy, microtomy, staining, cytology, digital pathology, microscope slides and coverslips
SVAR EURO sm 0420
see SVAR