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Flexible Solutions for Sample Storage

Hamilton Storage Technologies offer comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for biological and compound samples. The sample storage solutions, benchtop devices, and consumables are designed for sample integrity, flexibility, and reliability for life science applications.
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INSTINCT S and API: Introduction
SAM HD: The all-in-one automated Biobank solution
LabElite: Increase productivity in your lab
Verso Q-Series: The smart automated lab freezer
Automated Biobanking with BiOS: Advantages, best practices and case study
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Verso® Q10 Hotel
Effortless, Hands-Free Microplate and Tip Logistics to Easy Assay Workflows
LabElite® Handheld DeCapper
Powerful, semi-automated decapping/capping in the palm of your hand

Since 2007, Hamilton Storage, an affiliate entity of Hamilton Company, has offered comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for a broad array of life science processes. 

Our line of biobanking and compound storage solutions, as well as consumables and small devices, consists of products such as Hamilton BiOSR, VersoR, and SAM HD, specifically designed for sample integrity, flexibility, and reliability.

Hamilton Storage continues to develop innovative technologies to fit market needs and be known as the sample care company for the life science industry.

Quality and Expertise in Automated Sample Management Our commitment to designing customer-focused systems has allowed Hamilton Storage to become a leading supplier within the life science industry. Combining our world-class engineering experience, scientific background, and extensive interactions with our customers has resulted in market-leading products that focus on sample integrity, reliability, and flexibility.
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