Megazyme 0319 Megazyme is a global leader in assay kits, reagents and enzymes. Megazyme offers high-purity, ultra-stable products used in analytical testing across a range of industries - from cereals and food manufacturing, to biofuel and animal feed, to wine, beer and dairy products. 

All Megazyme products are now available from Bio-Strategy with full technical and sales support.
Megazyme - 'Setting New Standards in Test Technology'
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MEGA 1 Assay Kits   MEGA 2 Carbohydrates   MEGA 3 Enzymes
Assay Kits
Megazyme biochemical assay kits cater to a wide range of industries and use only the highest quality enzymes and reagents. When coupled with the various analyzers now available from Megazyme, a bespoke solution for users at every level is available.
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Analytical Enzymes
Carbohydrate Active enZYmes
Glycobiology Enzymes
ANKOM Dietary Fiber Enzymes
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Enzyme Substrates
Enzyme Activity Assay Kits
Colourimetric Oligosaccharides
Enzyme Tablet Tests
Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates
Soluble Chromogenic Substrates
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MEGA 4 Enzyme Substrates   MEGA 5 Equipment   MEGA 6 General Chemicals
Megazyme’s chromogenic substrates provide the most convenient methods for the assay of hydrolytic enzymes but as the native substrates, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides can give the truest insight into their mechanism of action, active site requirement, binding affinities and activities. 
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Analytical equipment used for the measurement of enzyme activity, biochemical enzyme assays, research and analytical applications.
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Analytical Standards
Cofactors and Stains
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