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LaboGeneTM is a privately owned Danish company founded in 2005.

LaboGene produce a superior quality range of equipment under the ScanVac division: The brand that exemplifies expertise and the very best of equipment for Freeze Drying, Speed Vacuum Concentration and Cold Traps.
Freeze Dryers

CoolSafe 4 - 15L: an outstanding and versatile range of advanced bench-top freeze dryers. They are the product of more than 40 years’ experience and expertise, and are the ideal choice for research, process development and small-scale production.
CoolSafe Touch 
the heart of your freeze dryer 
  Freeze Dryer Configurator
helps you configure your freeze dryer step-by-step

LABO CoolSafe Range 300x240

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Speed Vacuum Concentrators - MaxiVac & MiniVac: 

The Mini & MaxiVac vacuum concentrators offer full programming of time, temperature, rotation speed, auto start/stop with digital display and dryness control. The high quality stainless steel chamber with teflon coating option, ensures ultimate protection and longevity.

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MiniVac Evaporation Systems

The MiniVac systems are compact, environment friendly centrifugal evaporators, designed for rapid and efficient concentration or drying of small samples in tubes. A high sample throughput and recovery, especially on RNA/DNA samples is achieved with ease and reproducibility whilst maintaining complete sample integrity.
  MaxiVac Evaporators

MaxiVac is a compact, fast and environmental friendly vacuum concentrator, ideal for the concentration of both large and small volumes from 200 x 1.5ml tubes to 4x 250ml tubes, with range of rotors to suit all your sample requirements.

Simple manual or automatic operation with full programming of time, temperature and vacuum and storage of complete evaporation protocols for repetitive evaporation cycles.
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  Detailed information