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Cytiva provide Protein purification chromatography with AKTA systems & columns, resins for FPLC, Western Blotting reagents, membranes & imaging systems, Biacore consumables, Nucleic acid purification & amplification in the Illustra range and Percoll & Ficoll cell density media.

is a Cytiva brand specialising in laboratory filtration products and separation technologies.
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Cytiva offer a large range of chromatography media and a variety of prepacked formats for convenient protein purification. Ever since its introduction in 1996, the name ÄKTA has meant outstanding purification performance to scientists worldwide. With the ability to purify virtually any biomolecule, ÄKTA protein purification systems can handle the simplest and the toughest of challenges. The platform covers all major chromatographic and cross flow filtration techniques, from the research laboratory to process development and manufacturing. ÄKTA systems are operated by the intelligent and scalable UNICORN software, which makes it easy to control every stage of your purification process. Together with our broad range of prepacked chromatography columns, chromatography media and cross flow filters, ÄKTA systems and UNICORN software provide a complete solution for great result.
Western Blotting Membranes 300x300 bright   Whatman Filtration Wheel 300x300 bright   Cytiva GEHE BiocoreConsum
Western blotting is a widely used technique for the detection and analysis of proteins. It is frequently used to study single proteins but the advent of multiplexed, fluorescence-based detection enables the simultaneous detection of several proteins. Western blotting, or immunoblotting, is used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of protein expression in a wide variety of biological samples. The Amersham Western blotting portfolio provides optimal solutions for routine protein identification with chemiluminescence as well as for accurate and reproducible quantitative WB with fluorescence detection.   Whatman is a Cytiva brand specialising in laboratory filtration products and separation technologies. Whatman products cover a range of laboratory applications that require filtration, sample collection (cards and kits), blotting, lateral flow components and flow-through assays and other general laboratory accessories.   Biacore specializes in measuring biomolecular interactions, including protein-protein interactions, small molecule/fragment-protein interactions, etc. Its technology is often used to measure not only binding affinities, but kinetic rate constants and thermodynamics as well. The technology is based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The consumables used for the Biacore are Sensor Chips , Reagents, Buffers, Solutions and Maintenance Kits.