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A digital PCR specialist

Stilla Technologies are 100% focused on digital PCR and have been since 2013. Their new Nio™ system was engineered to set new benchmarks for performance and versatility in addition to unparalleled user-friendliness. Add best-in-class consumables and analysis software and Stilla delivers a step change in digital PCR technology to researchers and laboratories around the world. We welcome all enquiries and we’d be delighted to show you how far digital PCR has now advanced.
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All-in one

Digital PCR in an all-in-one instrument. No messing with oils, no plate transfers, no nothing. Add mix and samples to the chips, insert Chip Plates and press play. Measuring 56 cm by 67cm, the Nio™ fits in any lab.

Data confidence

Unique Crystal Digital PCR™ format provides the highest number of partitions/μl available. All partitions are QC’d, outliers are removed, and actual assay volume is reported.

Continuous loading

Join the queue whenever you’re ready: Nio™ lets you to load assay plates whenever you want, whether the instrument is running another experiment or not.
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Highest multiplex

Nio+ takes multiplexing to the next level, with 7 channels. Besides TaqMan chemistry, Stilla has introduced a proprietary, low-cost Flex Probes chemistry supporting up to 21-plex for future-proof utility.

Walk-away throughput

Process up to 384 assays per day and double that to 768 if you load up again at the end of the day and run overnight. Automation friendly with SBS sample spacing.

User friendly

Nio™ features a huge 21.5” touchscreen with intuitive run setup. Separate Nio™ Analyser software lets you dive deep into your data to get the most out of every run, no matter the plex.

Applications For Digital PCR 

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Liquid Biopsy


Cell and Gene Therapy


Food and Environmental Testing

Digital PCR has emerged as a powerful technology for the next-generation analysis of liquid biopsies, affording highly sensitive and reliable detection technology for the quantification of ctDNA.


  For cell and gene therapy applications, digital PCR provides researchers with the ability to precisely quantify and characterize viral vectors.   With better tolerance to inhibitors over traditional techniques, digital PCR can be used to precisely quantitate the levels of nucleic acids across food and environmental applications – from GMO testing to human wastewater testing.
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Pathogen Detection


Organ Transplant Testing, Rare Event Detection, and Oncology

  Get higher sensitivity and accuracy with digital PCR when detecting low-level abundance nucleic acids in the detection of bacterial and viral pathogens.   With a minimally-invasive liquid biopsy approach, digital PCR can quantify low levels of donor-derived cell-free DNA for the monitoring of transplants, providing fast turnaround times at low costs.  
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