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Molecular Testing Anywhere

Ustar’s Point Of Care Testing (POCT) kits integrate nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification and test in an enclosed cartridge to achieve a fast, accurate, simple and safe test with LOD≤200 copies/mL.

Their products have served nearly 3,000 medical institutions and exported to over 70 countries, actively contributing to the global prevention and control of major infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and tuberculosis. 

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EasyNAT - POCT Multi-Modules
Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection Analyser

Based on three-stage magnetic conductivity extraction technology and Cross Priming Amplification technology (CPA).

Used together with matching test kit for in-vitro diagnosis of pathogen nucleic acid sequences in human, animal and plant samples.
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UStar MultNat
The MultNAT system, based on fluorescence polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, is a fully integrated system designed to meet the increasing demand for multiplex, high-throughput quantitative molecular testing.

Multiplex  |  Automatic  | Enclosed  |  High-throughput
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UStar PortNet
Portable Nucleic Acid testing for rapid, in-house diagnosis of diseases of interest.

Designed with an all-in-one test cassette and a reusable incubator, delivers fast, accurate and instrument-free nucleic acid testing in a variety of scenarios right at the point of care.

Kits available for both human and pets.