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Delivering tailored solutions

Advion Interchim is a provider of analytical instrumentation (such as mass spectrometers & liquid chromatography) and laboratory consumables.

Advion instruments are suitable for customers working in industries such as: reaction monitoring & compound ID; teaching & research, cannabis; proteins & peptides; food; environmental; clinical & pharmaceutical; and proteomics & glycomics.

In combination with the extensive consumable range from Interchim, Advion Interchim provide the best in-class solutions for any laboratory setting.


The Advion portfolio can be summarised into three categories

Mass Spectrometry
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For mass spectrometry (MS), the Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) is one of the most popular single quadrupole MS in the market. It has unrivaled flexibility and modularity, allowing users to place it almost anywhere within their laboratory workflow. The CMS can be used as a standalone unit to perform preliminary measurements on samples; or it can be used as part of a flow-chemistry configuration to monitor products throughout multi-step reactions; or even coupled to any HPLC system for compound identification post purification.

The CMS has various sampling options available for solids & liquids; but also different sources to suit end-user requirements. These modular components can be interchanged by the customer without need for service intervention. Furthermore, the friendly user-interface of the CMS software is designed for users of all experience levels – novices can become experts in a matter of hours.
  For purification, Advion has offerings for traditional HPLC & UPLC systems; but also flash chromatography systems that can be used for prep-scale compound separation or protein & peptide purification. The puriFlash line of instruments covers a range of flow rates and operating pressures, with the largest model reaching flow rates of up to 1000mL/min for process-scale applications.

The units have optional LCD touch displays which remove the requirement for a PC, the software has an intuitive user interface for ease of operation. A unique feature of the puriFlash range is the integration of HPLC pump technology, allowing for true quarternary gradients with a mixing capability of up to four channels simultaneously. Advion Interchim also has a selection of flash columns and packing material to suit almost any application.
  In addition to columns and packing material, there is an extensive range of consumables suited to LC & GC instrumentation and sample preparation.

The Advion consumable range covers items such as: vials (up to 60mL) & caps; vial racks and boxes; bottles & sample tubes; filters (non-sterile), membranes & filter tubes, and many more.
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