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Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions
Jul-Sep 2022
Bio-Strategy Advanced Technologies
Special Edition
Ansell Gloves on Sale, Order Today
Up to 40% Off
BioEcho EchoLUTION Tissue DNA Kits
Save 25%
Current Promotions and Special Offers.
Find the hidden word to win a gift hamper, more details on the back of SOURCE.
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From our extensive product range we provide quality technology to customers in numerous market sectors.
Our specialists can tailor solutions to fit your research and business needs.
TouchNTuff Glove 27% OFF
92-600 disposable nitrile glove.
Nitrile, powder-free examination glove.
Save 25% on your order + 10% will be donated to environmental projects by BioEcho Life Sciences.
Environmentally friendly and sustainable with reliable results.
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CORN AU 2207 Pipettors   GEHE ANZ 2207 Ficoll and Percoll   SCOT DWK Duran ANZ 2207 Youtility Bottles   WHEA ANZ 2207 Roller Bottle Apparatus
Corning Lambda EliteTouch Pipettors
Save Over $40
Cytiva Ficoll and Percoll Cell Density Media
Winter Special
DWK Duran YOUTILITY Lab Bottles
Save Today
DWK WHEATON Roller Apparatus
Order Today
Effortless pipetting and reliable results.
Engineered to provide the highest levels of comfort,
accuracy, and precision.
Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences has been developing and manufacturing density gradient centrifugation media for over 30 years.
The Laboratory Bottle for a Safer Lab!
Borosilicate 3.3 Type 1 neutral glass bottles are easier to handle and save on space.
Custom built, for use with roller bottles, is an established cell culture method and relatively inexpensive way to set up a flexible, scalable biopharmaceutical operation.
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EPPE AU 2207 5702 Centrifuge   EPBR AU 2207 Slides   IKAA AU 2207 Web Specials   LABO AU 2207 Freeze Dryers
Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge
Price Drop
Superfrost Adhesion Microscope Slides
On Sale
IKA Equipment Online Specials
Save up to 54%
Labogene Freeze Dryers new at Bio-Strategy
Spin into winter with this saving.
Designed to meet the requirement of low- to midthroughput clinical research and cell culture laboratories.
Designed to secure tissue sections without the need for laboratory-applied coatings.
Uniform coating and minimal sample loss.
For tissue slices 2-5μm thick.
From Equipment to Accessories.
Magnetic Stirrer, Vortex and Accessories.
Rotary Evaporators and Accessories.
Bio-Strategy Welcomes Labogene Freeze Dryers to its Portfolio!
Labogene’s 4-15L freeze dryers are available in 4 variants: Basic, Pro, Touch and Superior XS/XL.
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MIEL ANZ 2207 PG8583 Washer   PALL AU 2207 Nanosep and Microsep   SANY PHCbi AU 2207 Incubators   SANY PHCbi AU 2207 LPR-400 Refrigerator
Miele PG8583 ADP Washer/Disinfector
10% Off
Pall Nanosep and Microsep
Over 10% Off
PHCbi 50L CO2 and Multigas Incubators
Over 20% Off
PHCbi LPR-400 Laboratory Refrigerator
25% Off
Improving safety in your wash area.
Laboratory underbench and free-standing washer with stainless steel interior.
Centrifugal Devices facilitate pure product with > 90% recoveries in just minutes.
Ultrasonically welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure.
These incubators offer best in class recovery of temperature and gas, ensuring optimum growth conditions for your cells.
Only available online and while stocks last.
Cost effective model with laboratory aesthetics.
Visual and audible alarms.
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PRIO AU 2207 Q63 EH400 Autoclave   SANT ANZ 2207 Antibodies   SHEW ANZ 2207 Photometer   TOMY AU 2207 SX Autoclave
Priorclave Q63/EH400 Autoclave
20% Off*
Santa Cruz Antibodies Winter Warmer
Save Today
Sherwood Industrial Flame Photometer
15% Off
Tomy Top Loading Autoclaves
40% Off
Front-Loading 400L Electrically Heated Autoclave.
*Only 1 available at this special price!
Buy 2 and receive 5% off list price.
Buy 5 or more and receive 10% off list price.
Cost effective single channel unit with robust design, outstanding performance and reliability.
79 litre with 2 baskets or 36 litre with 1 basket.
1 Free Preventative Maintenance visit.
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