Molecular Devices Readers and Washers


MolDev 1018

Microplate Readers and Washers

MDEV 1 1 spectramax-id3 MDEV 1 2 SpectraMax ABS MDEV 1 3 fluorescence-readers MDEV 1 4 spectraMax-luminescence

Multi-Mode Readers

Absorbance Readers

Fluoresence Readers

Luminescence Readers

SpectraMax Mini Multi-Mode SpectraMax ABS/ABS Plus SpectraMax Gemini SpectraMax L
SpectraMax i3x SpectraMax QuickDrop    
SpectraMax  iD3/iD5      
SpectraMax  M Series      
FlexStation 3      

MDEV 1 5 multiwash-plus 1 MDEV 1 6 softmax-pro MDEV 1 7 SpectraTestLM1  

Microplate Stacker & Washer

Microplate Software

GXP Compliance & Validation

StakMax Microplate Handler SoftMax Pro Software IQ/OQ Services  
AquaMax Washer SoftMax Pro GxP Software SoftMax Pro GxP Software  
MultiWash+ Microplate Washer   Validation Plates