Molecular Devices MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

  MDEV 1 1 12 multiwash plus

MultiWash+ Microplate Washer

96- and 384-well automated washer

Compact microplate washer with maximum flexibility in a minimum footprint. 
The MultiWash+™ Microplate Washer is an automated, compact, quiet, efficient washer with 20 different wash protocol options. The variations include adjustable speed and volume, adjustable aspiration speed and time, adjustable soak times, and three modes of shaking. Four wash/rinse bottles are included and configurable for both 96- and 384-well plates.

Efficient cell washing with minimal cell loss and optimal assay performance 
The AquaMax® Microplate Washer is a fully self-contained system, configurable for both 96- and 384-well microplates. Use preconfigured wash, soak, and aspiration protocols or create your own multi-step protocol using the simple touchscreen interface. For biochemical assays, the washer removes unbound material and unreacted reagents. For cell-based assays, the washer has the option for 96- or 384-well cell wash heads with angled pins to allow extremely gentle washing of weakly adherent cell types.
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