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Easy to Implement in Your Lab 

Purus Microwell Plate Cleaner

The Purus microwell plate cleaner is a new technology designed to bring sustainable practices into the lab, mitigate supply-chain constraints and reduce costs associated with single use plastics.

The Purus removes chemical and biological contaminants from well plates so that they can be reused. 
  1. Load up to four microwell plates
  2. Select the clean cycle
  3. Retrieve your microwell plates
  4. Reuse your clean microwell plates in your lab
  5. Repeat this process, again and again, to reduce waste and save money
Automated, bench top, microwell plate cleaning system  
4 plates per cycle
Any plate with SBS footprint
Up to 50 mm tall (standard and deep well plates)
96 and 384 well format
28.5" D (725 mm) X 21" W (535 mm) X 28.5" H (719 mm)  

Reduce Plate Cost By 90%
Guaranteed Same Results As New Plates
Purus is able to reduce plate consumable spending by over 90% effective immediately Purus is compatible with
the SLAS microplate standard
The Purus system avoids high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, so that microwell plates are not compromised through repetitive reuse cycles
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