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The TOMY Multiple Shared Use Autoclaves SX-700E / 500E / 300E are designed to meet the sterilization needs for a wide variety of sizes and shapes of articles to be sterilized especially in the washing room or central autoclave room arranged for shared use among a few or several laboratories.
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Intuitive Display

TOMY Display
The LED display shows working status for easy monitoring. The process being performed is indicated by an LED indication lamp blinking in red.
* The illuminated display on the operating panel shown in the picture is different
from the actual display at the time of operation.

Sterilizing course selection

TOMY SterilingCourse 1

TOMY SterilingCourse 2

TOMY SterilingCourse 3

TOMY SterilingCourse 4

TOMY SterilingCourse 5

Attentive Liquid Sterilization Course

TOMY LiquidSterilisation
When autoclaving liquid samples, opening the lid while the liquid temperature is high may cause a sudden boiling. It is necessary to allow the pressure and temperature to drop naturally without forced exhaust after sterilization.

The SX-Series Autoclaves have a LIQUID course that automatically sterilizes like this process with a single operation. It reduces spillage of media or solvent inside the chamber and supports smooth shared use in your facilities.

Printer supporting to keep Sterilization Log

TOMY Printer
Do you have any experience that you were worried if the sterilization was performed as set when you use a shared autoclave in a remote wash room or an autoclave room?

The Optional Printer can print out the operating parameters, chamber temperature, chamber pressure, temperature of articles to be sterilized * and sterilization cycle process.
* In using the optional external temperature sensor

External Temperature Sensor

The SX-E series Autoclaves can check the temperature of articles to be sterilized with an optional External Temperature Sensor. The detected temperature by the External Temperature Sensor can be used to count down the sterilization time (e.g. 20 min.) . That means sterilization will be done with the temperature of articles inside the chamber automatically without calculating Heat Transfer Time Lag manually by yourself.
The detected temperature also works to open the lid safely after sterilization. The lid can be opened after the temperature of articles drops down* and it prevents the sudden boiling of liquid sample.
These features help you to save your time to decide the sterilization time and to reduce troubles of spillage for media or solvent.
* The temperature to release the lid interlock can be changed.

TOMY ExtTempSensor

More Secure Sterilization considering Heat Transfer Time Lag

TOMY HeatTransferTimeLag
There is Heat Transfer Time Lag when using the steam autoclave. The display shows the ambient temperature inside the chamber, but the temperature of articles to be sterilized arrives later than the display temperature. This is called “Heat Transfer Time Lag“.
For more secure sterilization, it is recommended to add the Heat Transfer Time Lag to the sterilization time.

Cooling Fan System

TOMY CoolingFanSystem
The SX-E series Autoclaves are standard-equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, shortening overall operation time. The Cooling Fan System reduces cooling time compared to non-fan operation. It will save your time and give you more to focus on other things.

User-friendly Basket, Bucket and Long Basket

TOMY SS-Basket TOMY SS-Bucket TOMY LongBasket