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The TOMY High-throughput Autoclave FLS-1000 makes large volume sterilization easier and accommodates unique shaped articles like bioreactors, fermenters and animal cages. The FLS-1000 also supports you for secure sterilization in compliance with your facilities’ guidelines and global standards like GLP / GMP.
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High-throughput Liquid Sterilization

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Do you have any experience that flasks and bottles can not be accommodated as desired when you sterilize a large amount of liquid such as culture media and solvents? The FLS-1000 has a large chamber dimension of 45cm so that it can accommodate 5L × 4 flasks easier with a option flask stand and 500ml × 17 bottles with a standard stainless basket.

More Secure Sterilization considering Heat Transfer Time Lag

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There is Heat Transfer Time Lag when using the steam autoclave. The display shows the ambient temperature inside the chamber, but the temperature of articles to be sterilized arrives later than the display temperature. This is called “Heat Transfer Time Lag“.

For more secure sterilization, it is recommended to add the Heat Transfer Time Lag to the sterilization time.

Fine Pressure Adjustment

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Secure Sterilization condition is created by saturated steam that temperature and pressure keep the balance for a certain time.
The FLS-1000 heats water in the chamber and create steam. The generated steam is discharged with air from the chamber to approach the saturated steam condition.
When air remains in the chamber, the balance of temperature and pressure breaks and it makes pressure rise.
Fine Pressure Adjustment monitors temperature and pressure,works automatically to remove residual air from the chamber, and adjusts pressure to approach ideal condition for more effective sterilization.
* Illustrations are based on images of other models.

Cooling Fan System

TOMY FLS-1000 OpsPanel
The FLS-1000 is standard-equipped with a dual-fan cooling system, shortening overall operation time. The Cooling Fan System reduces cooling time by 60 min.* compared to non-fan operation. It will save your time and give you more to focus on other things.

Intuitive Display

TOMY FL-1000 Display

Perfect Height Design

Easy loading / unloading of the articles
Easily-accessible chamber allows easy cleaning
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Safety Lid Opening Design (Avoiding Steam)


Mechanically-assisted Lid and Foot Pedal

FLS-1000 is designed to avoid steam from the chamber. So, operator opens the lid without steam contact.
TOMY FLS-1000 SafetyLid
  A top-open lid, which can be operated easily with a single hand and a single foot, is provided. To open the lid, the lid lock is released by stepping on the foot pedal locates at the bottom while pressing the lid down. The lid can be opened with minimal effort owing to mechanical assistance. In addition, the lid can be closed easily just by pressing it down.
TOMY FLS-1000 LidFootPedal

User-friendly Basket, Bucket and Long Basket

TOMY FL-1000 Buckets
• “Double handle” is provided which keeps stability of large caliber basket and bucket.
• Bottom up designed basket prevents from soaking in sterilizing water.
• Stackable protrusion shape
TOMY FL-1000 Package