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Gene Expression Profiling
GeoMx Canine Cancer Atlas
nCounter® Canine IO Panel
nCounter® Gene Expression assays reduce time to data with a simple workflow of less than 15 minutes hands-on time and final results in under 24 hours. The platform can detect RNA (all variants including mRNA, miRNA, circular, etc.) with unmatched precision and robustness. The nCounter can routinize and automate assays to over 800-plex for veterinary applications.   The GeoMx Canine Cancer Atlas examines the canine immune response to cancer and immuno-oncology treatments. Profile 1,962 RNA targets with spatial resolution and spike in up to 400 custom RNA targets to add in probes for non-coding RNA, synthetic DNA, or exogenous genes.   nCounter® Canine IO Panel targets hundreds of genes involved in the immune response of canines to immuno-oncology therapeutics. Designed with experts in canine comparative oncology, it is the only gene expression panel built to study the tumor and immune response to IO treatments in dogs.
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