Hamilton Robotic Tools for Automation

HAMR Tools 200x125

Tools for Automation

Tools and Devices for Automation
  An endless combination of efficiency-driven Hamilton liquid handling devices is available to increase walkaway time, reduce operator variability, and improve overall workflows.   

HAMR Heater Cooler
Heater Cooler
Flexible, high-throughput heating and cooling of microplates
HAMR Plate Sealer 150x110
Plate Sealer
Integrated flexible and affordable sealing solution using either optically clear or pierceable foil seals 
HAMR MPE 150x110
All-in-One positive pressure device for automated solid-phase extraction
HAMR Incubator Shaker150x110
Incubator Shaker
High-throughput Microplate Incubator Shaker to automate incubating and shaking of up to four microplates
HAMR On-Deck Thermal Cycler-150x110
On-Deck Thermal Cycler
Rapid, Hands-Free Thermal Cycling to automate multi-step genomic workflows
HAMRMedia Fill 150x110
Media Fill Module
Eliminates the need to manually refill reagent troughs for applications that consume large volumes
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