Hamilton Robotic Microlab Vantage


HAMR vantage 400x360

Microlab® Vantage™

Hamilton Robotics has again set another precedence in liquid handling automation with the Hamilton Vantage. Combining precision engineering, performance and craftmanship with superior space management, majestic styling and maximised agility, the Hamilton Vantage without doubt the most intelligent and logistically efficient platform in the Hamilton portfolio.

The convenience of a modular architecture allows you to configure for your current needs and adapt in the future as requirements change. In addition to the pipettor, the logistics cabinet offers vertical integration options while the rear integration cabinet maximises space further by housing third-party devices and additional labware. All areas are accessible by the track gripper ensuring abundant and seamless integration options for washers, readers, peelers, sealers, incubators, freezers and more. 
  • New NanoPulse technology allows the Vantage to cover an even wider dynamic volume range within the same channels
  • New ID Loading Device (IDL) detects and reads 1D and 2D barcodes on virtually any common labware
  • New Quad CO-RE Gripper maximises gripping force so any plate types can be moved
  • New Entry/Exists allow for plates, racks and tips to be stored in the logistics cabinet and brought up to the deck when required
  • New Software for intuitive and simple assay creation and editing
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