Hamilton Robotic Assay Ready Workstations

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Applications and Assay Ready Workstations

Validated Application Areas
Genomics Pharma Cell Culture Forensics BioBanking Sample Prep Diagnostics Colony Picking
Genomics & NGS Pharma Cell Culture Forensics Biobanking Sample Prep Diagnostics Colony Picking

Animal and Veterinary Science Synthetic Biology Cell-based assays
Toxicology Vacuum-based purifications Antibody production
Agriculture Magnetic bead-based purifications RNAi, reporter gene screening
Mass Spec Sample Prep PCR/sequencing setups Solid phase and liquid/liquid extraction
Cell Biology Cloning PAMPA and other ADME(T)
Applied Sciences In-gel digestion Combichem
Next-Gen Sequencing MALDI target spotting Hit pick/compound handling
Protein Sciences Clone selection and expansion And many more

Assay Ready Workstations
Hamilton Robotics provides a range of collaborative solutions with industry leading workflow providers. Verified, pre-configured solutions combining maximum throughput, reliability, and walkaway time to enhance overall laboratory efficiencies and confidence in results.   
HAMR Aliquot-STARlet VacuCap-Channel
Aliquot STARlet
Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of Vacutubes
HAMR Decapper Extract
Decapping STAR
Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of a wide range of tubes with threaded lids
Taking NGS to the next level with one deck configuration for a wide range of qualified applications from Illumina, NEB, Roche and more
HAMR AutoLys-STAR Tubes
AutoLys STAR
Fully automated cell Lysis and DNA extraction from biological evidentiary samples, including sexual assault evidence
HAMR 4 easyPunch
easyPunch STARlet
Fully automated FTA card punching and sample analysis
HAMR easyBlood Plasma Extract
easyBlood STARlet
Image-based detection of plasma, buffy coat and erythrocyte layers in whole blood and automated aliquoted of the desired blood fraction layers
HAMR Phase2-MagEx header
MagEX STARline
Fully automated solutions for magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction
HAMR Elisa Starlet Extraction
Automates your immunoassay workflows with integrated microplate washers and absorbance reader
HAMR Veriseq-Tips
VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR
PCR-free whole genome sequencing during NGS/MPS-based non-invasive prenatal testing
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