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Hamilton 1018 Bio-Strategy has proudly been the authorized distributer of Hamilton Robotics to the Australian and New Zealand markets since 2005. Bio-Strategy offer the complete Liquid Handling portfolio and accessories for ML Prep, Nimbus, STAR and Vantage, as well as consumables, spare parts, service tools, software and drivers. We have a team of Hamilton trained and authorized Field Service Engineers and Applications Scientists dedicated to delivering excellence.
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Key Features and Differentiators
Hamilton Robotics is a leading global provider of a wide range of liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation solutions that improves the quality, accuracy and reliability of laboratory processes and research.

Hamilton Robotics’ advanced technologies and benefits include:
Unique Air Displacement Pipetting 
Monitored Air Displacement (MAD)
Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) 
Anti-Droplet Control (ADC)
Capacitance Clot Detection 
World-class applications support and service
Flexible LIMS and network integration
Custom integration applications and options 
Intuitive assay setup with basic and advanced programming options
Proprietary second-generation Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE II) Technology
Capacitance (cLLD) and proprietary pressure-based (pLLD) liquid level detection

Validated Application Areas
  Genomics 150x150   Proteomics 150x150   Cellomics 150x150   Drug Discovery 150x150  
DNA/RNA extraction and purifications Mircoarray sample preparation Cell based assays and feeding Bead based purification PCR/sequencing setup
Clone selection and expansion Antibody production Liquid – liquid extraction Protein purification and digestion Protein crystallization
Solubility assays ELISA preparation and processing Next Generations Sequencing (NGS) MALDI target spotting Compound handling
Sample pooling     Sample normalisation CE analysis setup Solid phase extraction Post PCR cleanup

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Microlab® Prep™

Classic Hamilton quality in a tiny footprint, only 534 mm x 610 mm x 610 mm. Provides high-end performance for any budget.

Features the same powerful pipetting capabilities found in Hamilton’s largest liquid handlers, including air displacement pipetting, CO-RE technology, and Liquid Level Detection. 

The ML Prep was designed to be as simple to use as a smartphone, with clear walkthroughs that make automating basic lab tasks straightforward and quick. Automatically identifies labware on the deck using machine vision to save time and ensure consistency between runs. Offers simple, touchscreen-based software that makes setting up liquid handling automation clear and understandable.

Automates common time-consuming laboratory tasks, including:
Replicating plates
Performing a serial dilution
Performing a serial dilution
Adding reagent
PCR Preparation 
LCMS Preparation
Performing cherry-picking or hit-picking
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HAMR Nimbus 200x200
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Microlab® Nimbus™

The Microlab NIMBUS is a compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler, offering speed, flexibility, ease-of-use and superior pipetting performance at a surprisingly affordable price. 

In contrast to large, multi-integrated, high-end systems designed for automating complex workflows, NIMBUS is a small-footprint, lean-integrated, entry-level pipettor ideally suited for automating a single or select set of liquid handling routines. A flexible deck layout and a broad range of modular accessories and options make reconfiguration for new applications quick and easy. 
  • Channel options include: 1 – 8 independent 1 mL channels, 5 mL channels, 96-channel Multi-Probe Head and 384-channel Multi-Probe Head 
  • Multiple deck configuration options to accommodate up to 20 plate positions on a High-Density deck
  • Various integration options including Heaters Shakers, Chillers, Positive Pressure Modules, Vacuum Station, Clean Air Protection, Plate Tilt Modules, Media Fill Module, Barcode Scanner
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Microlab® Star™

The STAR combines Hamilton's patented pipetting technology including precise lock-and-key tip attachment, unrivalled liquid level detection, and comprehensive volume ranges to create flexible liquid handling workstations.

Available in three base platform sizes, the STAR portfolio incorporates countless options to automate your workflows.
  • Patented Pipetting Technology for precision and reliability
  • Multi-functional arm with comprehensive pipetting range of 0.5 uL to 5 mL depending on the channel types used
  • Flexible setup with high-capacity decks accommodating a huge range of labware and advanced integration options
  • Complete process security and traceability
  • Unlimited flexibility with integrated tools and devices
  • Future proofed with retrofittable hardware, carriers and device upgraded
Hamilton Robotics has also partnered with top leaders in the biotechnology industry to provide Standard Solutions based on commonly automated applications. Offering ready-to-start protocols for a variety of applications such as NGS, ELISA, and forensic assays. Standard Solutions provide a faster way to automate your processes.

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HAMR Vantage 200x200
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Microlab® Vantage™

Hamilton Robotics has again set another precedence in liquid handling automation with the Hamilton Vantage. Combining precision engineering, performance and craftmanship with superior space management, majestic styling and maximised agility, the Hamilton Vantage without doubt the most intelligent and logistically efficient platform in the Hamilton portfolio.

The convenience of a modular architecture allows you to configure for your current needs and adapt in the future as requirements change. In addition to the pipettor, the logistics cabinet offers vertical integration options while the rear integration cabinet maximises space further by housing third-party devices and additional labware. All areas are accessible by the track gripper ensuring abundant and seamless integration options for washers, readers, peelers, sealers, incubators, freezers and more. 
  • New NanoPulse technology allows the Vantage to cover an even wider dynamic volume range within the same channels
  • New ID Loading Device (IDL) detects and reads 1D and 2D barcodes on virtually any common labware
  • New Quad CO-RE Gripper maximises gripping force so any plate types can be moved
  • New Entry/Exists allow for plates, racks and tips to be stored in the logistics cabinet and brought up to the deck when required
  • New Software for intuitive and simple assay creation and editing
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Assay Ready Workstations

Hamilton Robotics provides a range of collaborative solutions with industry leading workflow providers. Verified, pre-configured solutions combining maximum throughput, reliability, and walkaway time to enhance overall laboratory efficiencies and confidence in results. 

Aliquot STARlet: Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of Vacutubes
Decapping STAR: Fully automated hands-free Decapping, sample aliquoting and recapping of a wide range of tubes with threaded lids
NGS STAR: Taking NGS to the next level with one deck configuration for a wide range of qualified applications from Illumina, NEB, Roche and more
AutoLys STAR: Fully automated cell Lysis and DNA extraction from biological evidentiary samples, including sexual assault evidence. 
easyPunch STARlet: Fully automated FTA card punching and sample analysis
easyBlood STARlet: Image-based detection of plasma, buffy coat and erythrocyte layers in whole blood and automated aliquoted of the desired blood fraction layers
MagEX STARline: fully automated solutions for magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction
ELISA STARlet: Automates your immunoassay workflows with integrated microplate washers and absorbance readers
VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR: PCR-free whole genome sequencing during NGS/MPS-based non-invasive prenatal testing

Tools and Devices for Automation
An endless combination of efficiency-driven Hamilton liquid handling devices is available to increase walkaway time, reduce operator variability, and improve overall workflows.   
HAMR Heater Cooler
Heater Cooler 
lexible, high-throughput heating and cooling of microplates
HAMR Plate Sealer 150x110
Plate Sealer
ntegrated flexible and affordable sealing solution using either optically clear or pierceable foil seals 
HAMR MPE 150x110
All-in-One positive pressure device for automated solid-phase extraction
HAMR Incubator Shaker150x110
Incubator Shaker 
High-throughput Microplate Incubator Shaker to automate incubating and shaking of up to four microplates
HAMR On-Deck Thermal Cycler-150x110
On-Deck Thermal Cycler
Rapid, Hands-Free Thermal Cycling to automate multi-step genomic workflows
HAMRMedia Fill 150x110
Media Fill Module
Eliminates the need to manually refill reagent troughs for applications that consume large volumes
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Hamilton’s Software for the Nimbus, STARline and Vantage provides basic and advanced programming features allowing for flexible assay development without compromise. Intuitive editors provide full control over every aspect of your method allowing you to build custom Graphical User Interfaces the way you like, control labware loading and transport around the robot, control all aliquoting steps, build in custom error handling and even create custom output files and run reports.

The Software is designed to be as easy as you need, yet powerful enough to provide the flexibility to develop assays exactly the way you want them automated. Best of all, no previous programming experience is required.

Power Steps
Power Steps offers a quick and easy start into the world of automation by providing intuitive visual guides for the most frequently used pipetting tasks.
Power Step1 300x300 Power Step2 300x300 Power Step3 300x300  
1.    Select the step/operation type you want to perform 
2.    Color codes immediately indicate which tip type is used to aspirate from which source and into which target 
3.    The most important parameters can be seen at a glance, and the volume, liquid and additional handling of the tips (waste/reuse) can be adjusted simple and easily
Power Step4 300x300 Power Step5 300x300 Power Step6 300x300  
4.    If more advanced control is desired, easily adjust all aspects of the aspiration and dispense settings  
5.    The most common reasons for errors can be controlled so that no valuable time is lost, and the workflows runs smoothly as possible without user intervention 
6.    Customize your output files so they are formatted and look exactly how you need them for your LIMS or downstream processes
File handling, traceability and interfacing with LIMS
Modern laboratories generate significant amounts of data hence there is not only a need for automation of sample processing but for data management as well. To maximize the automation capabilities of your laboratory Hamilton software provides various solutions to generate detailed process reports or interface directly with existing LIMS through a network or database. Hamilton’s software can generate and read data from many different file formats and databases, accommodating practically any existing LIMS.   
HAMR File Types  
HAMR Software Suppliers  
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Once a sample enters the Hamilton liquid handler, the software follows each sample from the start to the end of the run. 
The Hamilton software automatically records every stage of the sample during the process to an internal SQL database file.

Information captured in this tracking process includes:
  • Volumes transferred of samples and reagents
  • Samples location
  • Samples and racks identification/barcode
  • Action time and Lab Operator logged in
  • Errors occurred (hardware, user intervention, barcode reading errors)