CryoXtract 1018
Optimize biospecimen integrity
Protect your data and optimize scientific outcomes

CryoXtract’s mission is to improve the quality of scientific data that helps advance important life-science research and development. The Company delivers a unique set of automated solutions to the scientific community to protect bio sample integrity, increase the utilization of critical collections of frozen biological samples, and support major R&D initiatives.
Experience the benefits of frozen aliquotting in Bioanalysis, Microbiome, Molecular Pathology and Biobanking QA/QC applications.
Hands-free extraction of multiple frozen aliquots from a single frozen biological sample.
High-quality, data-rich bio samples are invaluable resources to support translational research, advance molecular medicine and support biomarker discovery. Quality data require quality source materials, and the scarcity of available high-quality specimens represents an impediment to advances in research.

Inferior quality bio specimens result from poor preservation and sample management practices. Optimal processing, preservation and sampling are crucial to preserve the samples’ molecular integrity and ensure optimal scientific outcomes.

CryoXtract’s proprietary technology enables researchers to extract multiple frozen aliquots from a single sample without exposing the parent repeatedly to freeze/thaw cycles that degrade critical molecules and result in unpredictable damage to the parent sample. After the frozen cores have been obtained, the parent sample may be returned to storage still frozen for future processing.
By eliminating unnecessary sample exposures to freeze/thaw cycles, CryoXtract’s unique technology supports critical R&D activities that depend on these valuable bio samples:
  • protects the integrity of valuable banked samples
  • prolongs the samples’ useful life
  • streamlines sample aliquotting
  • improves lab efficiencies (cold storage and lab ware requirements, and associated operating costs)
  CRYO 353

CXT 350 and CXT 353 are semi-automated benchtop instruments for the frozen aliquotting of a wide range of sample types, including tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids.

CryoXtract’s unique technology was designed to deliver important benefits and support the needs of an extensive worldwide scientific community focused on collecting, banking and studying biological samples: Bioanalysis | Microbiome | Molecular Pathology | Biobanking
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