OLD Coronavirus Notice


Dear Valued Customer,

Bio-Strategy is committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of both our Staff, Customers and the wider community.

To ensure that we act appropriately as a business, we have been, and will continue to follow the advice for management of the COVID-19 virus in Australia from the Australian Department of Health.
Staff have been advised of the following safe work practices and travel has been restricted.
Safe Work Practices
  • Staff have been provided with the following instructions regarding work practices;
    • Practise good hand hygiene.
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing.
  • Staff who visit customer sites are to follow the Health and Safety requirements of that site. This includes not attending site if requested to do so.
  • If staff have the symptoms listed below, they are advised to stay at home and seek medical advice. They are not to return to work until they are cleared by a medical practitioner to do so.
    • fever
    • coughing
    • difficulty breathing
    • fatigue (feeling unwell and weak)
  • All International Travel is now on hold until further notice.
  • Domestic Flights are restricted to essential travel only.
  • If staff are travelling overseas personally then they must abide by the travel restrictions in place from the Department of Home Affairs. They are not able to return to work until their self-isolation period is complete and they are well.
Business Continuity 
From a business continuity perspective – Bio-Strategy are well placed to manage a situation that requires workplaces to reduce contact between staff or where there is significant staff illness.  Below is an overview of the current management plan for Bio-Strategy Pty Limited (BSPL).
Supply Chain
  • Bio-Strategy is also working closely with our supply partners to do our utmost to ensure continuity of supply. However, as this is a constantly changing and unprecedented situation with no clear end in sight, we cannot guarantee that there will be no disruption to the supply chain. We are in continually checking the status of orders and supply chains with our key suppliers and partners to gain an understanding of the current situation. Risk mitigation is being actively applied to help ensure supply is maintained.
Maintenance of Essential Services
  • Our business systems are cloud based enabling staff to remotely access our ERP and CRM systems. This allows orders and enquiries to be processed remotely.
  • The majority of our staff can work remotely via laptop and access to the Cloud based systems.
  • There are spare laptops available to issue to those staff with desk top PCs if required.
  • Bio-Strategy has 2 offices in Australia and an operation in New Zealand with sufficient personnel to remotely access business and perform most of the operational functions if necessary.
Engineering Service Support
  • Service personnel are located regionally throughout Australia.
  • Staff are able to move across their assigned regions if required to attend jobs (subject to Department of Home Affairs travel guidelines).
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment will be provided to the service and applications teams to minimise their exposure if they are required to attend a service job.
Goods Receipt and Despatch
  • The Warehouse team are the only team that would be required to be onsite to receipt and despatch goods.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment will be provided to the warehouse staff to enable them to conduct their day-to-day duties.
  • Bio-Strategy will disinfect worksurfaces on a daily basis.
  • Contact with external parties (e.g. delivery drivers) will be managed as per Government guidelines.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours Faithfully,
John Chesterfield
Chief Executive Officer

17th March 2020