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B BSL 17
Bio-Strategy has acquired VWR’s lab supplies businesses in Australia and New Zealand.
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B 0313 HamiltonCo
Bio-Strategy, the EXCLUSIVE distributor for the entire HAMILTON Company product range in Australia
  Bio-Strategy is now the exclusive distributor of all Hamilton products (previously supplied by Alltech Associates / Grace Discovery Sciences)and will provide solutions for your laboratory needs.
B 0313 MolDev
Todays news in space...
  Molecular Devices with its partner NanoRacks is sending a second SpectraMax M5e to the International Space Station
B 0915 MolDev
Introducing NEW ImageXpress Micro Confocal High Content Imaging System
  Explore a new dimension with confocal technology - at the speed of widefield

The new ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System enables you to
expand the boundaries of your research with the ultimate combination of speed,
sensitivity and flexibility in a turnkey solution.
  This year's Product Innovation Award Winner at MipTech, International Life Science Exhibition,
Basel, Switzerland (22 - 24 Sept 2015)
B 0915 MolDev
See more and do more cellular to protein analysis using a single detection system
  The NEW SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Detection Platform
Explore a wealth of applications in one future-ready system  
B 0913 CryoXract
CryoXtract CXT 350: revolutionary coring system for frozen tissue and bio-fluid aliquots
  • Optimizes bio-specimen integrity as sample/aliquots are held and processed below -80⁰C .
  • Maximizes scientific outcomes as there is no sample degradation due to thawing
  • Proprietary single use, nuclease-free coring probes
Visit  to see the unit in action!
B 0313 OLI

An introduction to the future: ION TECHNOLOGY
B 0715 Priorclave
Prioclave Autoclaves

An insight into the design strengths and manufacturing skills of British laboratory autoclave producer Priorclave are revealed in a new Corporate Video
B 0313 NanoString
NEW High Sensitivity Protocol - (Prep Station software update)

The most recent update is focused on optimizing the binding of the purified probe-target tripartite complex to the slide surface, which results in higher and more reproducible digital counts per sample. This optimization involves the priming of the Cartridge binding surface prior to sample introduction combined with extending the time provided for binding of the probe-target complex to the slide surface.