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Alpha MOS

AlpahMOS 1018 Specialized in electronic systems for sensory analysis; design and development of instruments dedicated to the measurement of odour, taste and visual aspect (color and shape). 
Alpha MOS instruments can be used for
  • Quality Control of Raw Materials & Finished Products
  • Product Design & Development
  • Contamination identification
  • Packaging selections
  • Packaging interactions
  • Off-blending / spoilage
  • Ageing / storage effects 
  • Stability / shelf life
  • Ingredients substitutions
  • Development of new formulations
  • Competitors benchmarking
  • Trade mark protection
  • Fraud detection / Adulteration
  • Flavors scalping
  • Consumer acceptability testing

Smell Analysis
Taste Analysis
Visual Analysis
AlphaMOS Odour 17090165 copy AlphaMOS Taste 16931687 copy AlphaMOS Vision 14756045
The electronic nose for objective and reliable measurements in smell testing. The electronic tongue enables you to make products development easier by characterizing their taste. With the electronic visual analyze, characterize the visual aspect of your products.

Quality Control:
Sensory conformity tests:
aroma control, off-odor detection, odorous contaminant detection

Consumer complaints investigation and identification of odorous defects subjected to a customer claim

Influence of the manufacturing process on food flavoring

Products aroma ageing follow-up, ingredients selection based on their shelf life and the stability of their sensory profile

Food packaging testing:
evaluation of the impact of food-contact materials on the organoleptic quality of food.
New Product Development:
Recipe optimization to reach a target sensory profile

Design of innovative product with a totally unique aroma

Product re-design (retro-engineering) to change or improve its sensory features: new recipe, new aroma, new packaging

Benchmarking of competitive products based on their sensory profile

Change of manufacturing process or ingredients substitution (sugar-free, low carb, etc) and assessment of the impact on product aroma.

An optimized taste analysis:
Recipe optimization to reach a specific taste

Conception of an innovative product with totally unique taste

Re-development of product (retro-engineering) to change or improve its savour and taste characteristics

Benchmarking of competitive products based on their sensory profile and their taste attributes

Change of manufacturing process or ingredients substitution and evaluation of the impact on product taste

Evaluation of a new product at different ageing steps to follow-up taste stability over time

Comparison of different formulations to select the one that best masks an unwanted taste

Quantitative taste analysis in correlation with a sensory panel.

Control the conformity of your products:
Visual inspection and visual conformity tests:
visual control of the colors and their proportions, size distribution control in a batch, detection of visible defects.

Visual control and assessment of process impact on visual aspect.

Stability of shelf life follow-up of colors, characterization of visual aspect changes over time.
Service of your R&D
Recipe optimization to obtain the desired visual aspect

Re-development of product (retro-engineering) to change or improve its visual aspect: new ingredients, new recipe

Benchmarking of competitive products based on their visual aspect (colours and shapes)

Change of manufacturing process and measurement of the impact on product visual aspect

Correlation of the instrumental measurements of the electronic eye with consumers’ preference to support new product development.
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