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Source AU 2207 Web Ending   WHEA ANZ 2207 Roller Bottle Apparatus   EPPE AU 2207 5702 Centrifuge-R2   TOMY AU 2207 SX Autoclave
Bio-Strategy SOURCE Promotions
Jul-Sep 2022
DWK WHEATON Roller Apparatus
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Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge
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Tomy Top Loading Autoclaves
40% Off
Current Promotions and Special Offers.
Find the hidden word to win a gift hamper, more details on the back of SOURCE.
Call us or order online at shop.bio-strategy.com.
Custom built, for use with roller bottles, is an established cell culture method and relatively inexpensive way to set up a flexible, scalable biopharmaceutical operation.
Ask for a quote today.
Spin into winter with this saving.
Designed to meet the requirement of low- to midthroughput clinical research and cell culture laboratories.
79 litre with 2 baskets or 36 litre with 1 basket.
1 Free Preventative Maintenance visit.
Autoclaves are mobile and do not require plumbing.
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PALL AU 2207 Nanosep and Microsep   LABO AU 2207 Freeze Dryers   SANT ANZ 2207 Antibodies   SHEW ANZ 2207 Photometer
Pall Nanosep and Microsep
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Labogene Freeze Dryers Now Available
Santa Cruz Antibodies Winter Warmer
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Sherwood Industrial Flame Photometer
15% Off
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Centrifugal Devices facilitate pure product with > 90% recoveries in just minutes.
Ultrasonically welded seals prevent bypass or seal failure.
Bio-Strategy Welcomes Labogene Freeze Dryers to its Portfolio!
4-15L freeze dryers are available in 4 variants: Basic, Pro, Touch and Superior XS/XL.
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Buy 5 or more and receive 10% off list price.
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Cost effective single channel unit with robust design, outstanding performance and reliability.
Contact Bio-Strategy to discuss optional accessories.
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