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BSPL AU 2110 Source-Q4   Brainteaser Hamper ANZ 300x300   MDEV ABS Plus 300x300   GESI BioScaffolder 300x300
Bio-Strategy SOURCE
Oct - Dec 2021
Bio-Strategy Brainteaser
Your chance to win
ABS Plus Plate Reader
One Off Opportunity
GeSim BioScaffolder BS 3.3 Prime
Introductory Offer
Promotions on Equipment and Consumables 
Including your chance to win a gift hamper! 
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Flexibility, sensitivity, and convenience for a wide range of assays
Free installation, training and application support
1-year warranty
Bioprinting made easy
Perfect for a starting point in Tissue engineering
The BS3.3 PRIME is the choice for beginners with potentially growing demands
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TOMY SX-700E 300x300   EPPE Combitips 300x300   pall-minimate-300x300   BETH ELISA Kits 300x300
Tomy SX-700E
In Stock
Combitips Advanced®
Clearance Sale
Pall Minimate
Introductory Offer
Bethyl Elisa Kits
100% Bethyl Gurarantee
Including two stainless steel baskets
1 Free Preventative Maintenance visit (T+Cs apply)
2-year warranty
Smart, Safe, and Efficient
High-precision dispensing, independent of the flow characteristics of the liquid
Safely work with radioactive or toxic materials
Streamlines laboratory-scale concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange processes
Plug-n-play design
High concentration factors
High-performing ELISAs you can count on
Bethyl - because the choice of supplier is critical to the success of your research
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