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Bio-Strategy SOURCE
Oct - Dec 2021
Bio-Strategy Brainteaser
Your chance to win
Trade-In on Readers
Any Make/Model
SoloLab Pop-Up Unit 
New! Introductory Offer
Promotions on Equipment and Consumables 
Including your chance to win a gift hamper! 
Call Us or order online at shop.bio-strategy.com
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Update Your Lab For 2022
Save up to 35% on a new Multi-Mode Reader
Free installation, training and application support
Pop-up, benchtop isolation unit - it really does just pop-up
Super quick to assemble and versatile
Excellent value for money
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GEHE VivaSpin 300x300   SANY Pharma Free Accessory 300x300   EPRE Parafiin Wax 300x300   REIC Handheld Refractometers 300x300
Cytiva VivaSpin
Spin Columns
10% off
PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
In Stock
Epredia™ Histoplast PE Paraffin Wax
Price Drop - Stock Up
Reichert Handheld  Refractometers
20% off
Designed for fast, non-denaturing concentration and desalting of proteins and other biological samples
High recovery rates and ease-of-use
Free battery housing accessory for power failure alarm
Space-saving sliding door design
Made of paraffin and plastic polymers
Suits all histological applications
Resealable 1-kg bags for easy storage
From versatile, pocket-sized digital devices to durable and rugged analog models
For Agriculture | Food and Beverage | Clinical and Diagnostic markets