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AU 2201 Source 300x300   BioEcho 2201 New-Supplier 300x300   ANSE 2201 Microflex Gloves 300x300   SANY AU 2201 PHCbi New Pharma Fridge 300x300
Bio-Strategy SOURCE
Jan - Mar 2022
Bio Echo - New Supplier
Next Generation Kits
Ansell Microflex Gloves
On Sale
PhCbi MPR-S500
554 or 550L
Including your chance to win a gift hamper! 
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DNA/RNA extraction and analysis
BioEcho’s products are suited for multiple areas of biotechnology
Various sizes
ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology
Superior strength, comfort and barrier integrity
Limited time – SANYMPR-S500 units included a free MPR-48B2-PE (installed) battery housing accessory for power failure
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TOMY 2201 SX-700E 300x300   GESI BioScaffolder 300x300   GRAN 2201 PV-1 Vortex 300x300   CORN 2201 Tubes V1
SX-700E Toploading Autoclave
2021 Pricing
GeSim BioScaffold Printer
Special Offer
Grant PV-1
Vortex Mixer
In Stock and On Sale!
Corning® Centrifuge Tubes
25% Off
Supplied with two stainless steel baskets and a 2-year warranty!
1 Free Preventative Maintenance visit (T&Cs)
Bioprinting made easy
The BS3.3 PRIME is the choice for beginners with potentially growing demands and perfect for a starting point in Tissue engineering
Compact, with a low profile and small footprint
For tubes up to 20 mm diameter with adjustable speed control: 750 to 3000 rpm
15ml & 50ml clear polypropylene (PP) conical bottom centrifuge tubes
CentriStar™ cap has an easy-on/easy-off flat top offering advanced ergonomics
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