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Information and Promotions on Instrumentation, Equipment & Consumables as well as focus on products and support for the Industrial sector
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UVPI Penray-Lamps

Analytik Jena - New Range of UVP Penray Lamps

Invented by UVP, now Analytik Jena, the Pen-Ray Lamps are manufactured from the highest grade of quartz material
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UVPI Benchtop-Lamps

Analytik Jena - New Range of UVP Bench Lamps

UVP XX-Series UV Bench Lamps - various fixture sizes, watts and wavelengths are available. Lamps include holes on each end of the fixture for hanging or mounting the lamp
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GERH Hydrotherm

Gerhardt Protein, Fat and Fibre Testing

Introduction to the broad range of Gerhardt Analysis Systems
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GESIM BioScaffolder

GeSiM BioScaffolder

The GeSiM BioScaffolder, prints 3D scaffolds and also seeds cells using the well-known GeSiM piezoelectric pipettes
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HEID Hei-Vap

Heidolph Hei-VAP Intelligent Evaporation

Hei-VAP range has the right solution for any application: from Hei-Vap Core for basic tasks to Hei-VAP Industrial for large volumes (20 L evaporation flask)
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IKA Range

IKA Mid-Winter Manic Mark-Downs

Product Packages - Super Specials - Last Ones Available!
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LBCP Centrovap

Great Value Packages from Labconco

Choose Labconco for preservation and concentration with the FreeZone Freeze Dryers and Centrivap Centrifugal Vacuum concentrators
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LAUD Circu-Process-Chillers

New Circulating Process Chillers from Lauda

Conserve energy! Designed for industry 4.0, increase productivity and ensure optimal processes by monitoring locally or globally with all new connectivity options
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MIEL Washer-Disinfector

Save on Miele High Quality Washer/Disinfector Package

The PG8504 glassware washer incorporates numerous features to guarantee optimum results for every wash
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PALL Lab-Manifold

Introducing the NEW Pall Laboratory Manifold

Pall’s unique microbiology vacuum manifold allows users to optimize testing without sacrificing cleanliness
FREE pack of Microfunnel filter funnels with each Pall Laboratory Manifold sold!
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PHCbi Climate-Chamber

Great Value Climate Chamber from PHCbi

Create the optimum environment by controlling temperature, humidity and lighting, that is programmable, repeatable and precise.
Now $4,000 saving!
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PHCbi Cooled-Incubators

PHCbi Cooled Incubators

The PHCbi MIR range of Cooled Incubators are recognized as exceptional units suitable for a broad range of applications requiring a -10ºC to +60ºC environment.
Now substantial savings!
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PRIO RCT-Autoclave

Configurable Autoclaves by Priorclave

Built to rigid British standards – the units comply to AS/NZS standards and the RSC (rectangular section chamber) models feature capacities from 230 to 700 litres. The units can be configured to suit a multitude of applications.
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SHER Flame-Photometer

Sherwood Scientific Model M410 Flame Photometer

Flame Photometry is the technique of choice for the measurement of Na, K and Ca in all sample types in Mineral Extraction, Oil and Paper Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Soil analysis, Utilities, Food & Beverage, Chemical Manufacture and Fertilisers
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TOMY SX-700E-Autoclave

TOMY SX-700E Autoclave

The Toploading SX-700E Autoclave requires no costly plumbing or electrical services as the unit has a self contained reservoir for exhaust steam and can be run off a 240V 50Hz 15 amp supply
Limited time only - save more than $4,000!
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