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The best deals in Instrumentation, Consumables, Chemicals and Assays & Kits!
July to September issue
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ANSE MicroTouchNitra

Ansell Micro-Touch NitraTex Gloves

Nitrile, powder-free examination glove with strong barrier protection
VALID UNTIL 30 December 2018 more >
AZLO MeasurCylinders

Azlon Class B Measuring Cylinders on Sale

Polypropylene Class B Measuring Cylinders with large pouring spout for easy dispensing
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
BELA Racks

Bel-Art Racks on Sale

Bel-Art rectangular No-Wire™ test tube racks are a great alternative to wire test tube racks, with price and space saving advantages over other plastic racks currently
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
CORN CoolProducts

Corning CoolProducts

The Corning Cryogenic Storage Solutions ensure standardised, controlled-rate freezing for all cell types
Savings on CoolCell LX range
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
DURA UtilityLabBottles 2

DURAN® UTILITY Laboratory Bottles

Clear and amber DURAN® YOUTILITY bottles with slimmer shape for optimal space usage in your autoclaves and refrigerators
25 % off
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
EPPE PipetteBundlePacks

Eppendorf Pipette Bundle Packs

Bundle packs for Research Plus and Reference 2 Pipettes with a free Pipette Holder System
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
EPPE Trade-in-trade-up

Eppendorf Trade-in / Trade-up

The Eppendorf Trade-in/Trade-up program works by trading in or trading up any brand/any condition pipette, dispenser or pipetting aid for a new one
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
FALC CultureSlides

Falcon® Culture Slides

Designed for consistent cell culture results, Falcon Culture Slides allow you to culture cells and then analyse them on a glass microscope slide
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
MEGA WineTestingKitsReagents

Megazyme Wine Testing Kits & Reagents

Purity, Quality & Innovation - Megazyme Setting New Standards in Test Technology
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
PALL UnusualSuspects

Pall Life Sciences Filters

HPLC Criminals - Your analytical lab is at threat of everyday issues caused by the same troublesome characters
Learn how these nasty criminals are infiltrating your lab
VWRI EquipmentBrochure

VWR Laboratory Benchtop Equipment

Start Saving with VWR Laboratory Benchtop Equipment!
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
VWRI GarmentsBrochure

VWR Garments for Laboratories and Clean Rooms

Protection from Head to Toe - clean room garments are manufactured at special ISO accredited facilities. Data sheets and conformity declarations can be downloaded
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >
VWRI SievesBrochure

Certified Analytical Sieves by VWR

Replace your old sieves or complete your range with certified quality products!
FEATURE more >
VWRI NextGenPipetteTips

VWR Next Generation pipette tips

Save money and reduce waste with VWR Next Generation Tips!
VWR Pipette tips NEXT GENERATION refill packs, racks and refill boxes. These tips are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade PP
VALID UNTIL 31 December 2018 more >

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