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VWR Collection 1018 The VWR Collection is a vast range of consumables, equipment and other products for laboratory research, education, healthcare and production. The growing range of consumables often offers the choice between a ‘Standard Line’ for basic features with cost savings
and the ‘High Performance Line’ with advanced features.

Bio-Strategy is the exclusive distributor for VWR products in Australia and New Zealand.

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Anatomy, Pathology, Clinical Consumables
Histology cassettes, microscopy slides and cover glasses, swabs and other consumables
Chromatography Consumables
Vials, caps, septa, safety and waste caps, microliter syringes
General Plasticware
Disposable and multi-use products made of PP and PE: Bottles, beakers, racks, tubes, sampling and autoclave bags and many more!
Life Science Plasticware
Tissue culture flasks, scrapers, sample collection, cryo tubes and boxes, centrifuge tubes, serological and transfer pipettes, PCR plastics
Liquid Handling
Pipettor tips, manual and electronic pipettors, glassware, dispensers
Petri dishes, loops, spreaders, sterile plastic ware, chemicals, lab blenders, colony counters, PBI air sampler
Non-volumetric and volumetric Glassware
A vast range of glass bottles, beakers, jars, Pasteur pipettes, test tubes, flasks, cylinders and jointed glassware
Safety, Production Supplies, PPE
Personal and product protection, gloves, garments, coats, shoes, mats, respiratory masks for laboratories, production and clean rooms
Wipers, Swabs, Tissues
Wipers, saturated wipes for cleanrooms, swabs for environmental and clinical applications, tissues and bench protection
Crucibles, PTFE, Ceramics and Metal ware
Economical magnetic stir bars, weighing dishes, crucibles, tools, containers and sieves
Thermometers, Hygrometers, Timers
A large selection of timers hand held thermometers and stop watches
General Photometry, Spectrophotometers
Single and dual beam visible and UV-visible photometers
ultrasonic and heating baths

Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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