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SciLabware, a global manufacturer of laboratory consumables, supplies the scientific community renowned glass & plastic brands & packaging solutions. Brands include Azlon® plasticware, Pyrex® borosilicate glassware, Quickfit® Pyrex® borosilicate ground glass joints, MBL® general laboratory borosilicate & soda-lime glassware, Rotaflo® stopcocks, SVL® screwthread joints, Ramboldi® plasticware & some Wheaton® vials.
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The A-Z of reusable plastic labware
With over 800 products in the range the Azlon® range encompasses all the plastic essentials needed for traditional science, food and industrial applications.
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Pyrex® Beakers, low form, Griffin
Pyrex® Bottles, media-lab, with cap and pouring ring
Pyrex® Flasks, conical, narrow neck
Pyrex® Flasks, volumetric, Class A, works certified, USP/ISO/DIN tolerances
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Quickfit® Plain air/steam inlet tube, drawn to jet
Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, straight
Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, right angle
Quickfit® Cone/Screwthread adapter
Quickfit® Adapters, multiple, with two parallel necks
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MBL® Flasks, volumetric, Class A
MBL® Burettes, Class B with PTFE key
MBL® Measuring Cylinders with Spout, Class B
MBL® Pipettes, One Mark, Class AS, works certified
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SVL® Torion stopcock, straight pattern, PTFE key
SVL® Wide neck reaction vessels
SVL® Glass screwthreads
Torion joints, glass body with fittings
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Ramboldi® 30ml Polypropylene Universals
Ramboldi® 60ml Polypropylene Containers
Ramboldi® High Temperature Autoclave Bags
Ramboldi® Specimen Bags with Document Wallets
7ml Polystyrene Bijous
30ml Polystyrene Universals
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A selection of WHEATON® Vials
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Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and industrial applications.

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