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Facilitating a New Standard of Care in Transplant Diagnostics
As a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, One Lambda is committed to provide the most consistent and reliable reagents. The driving force behind One Lambda’s product development and educational programs is facilitating a new standard of care in transplant monitoring.
One Lambda develop and distribute a comprehensive line of HLA typing and antibody detection products, laboratory instrumentation, and computer software that are used to simplify and automate testing procedures and final test evaluations.

One Lambda’s diagnostic tests are used by transplant centers worldwide to determine the compatibility of donors and recipients pre-transplant, and post-transplant to detect the presence of antibodies that can lead to transplant rejection.
Antibody Monitoring – Transplant High Resolution, NGS Based HLA Genotyping Molecular HLA Genotyping

Antibody Monitoring – Transplant Monitoring Solutions
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As the world leader in HLA tissue typing, One Lambda offers a collection of integrated solutions to help you identify antibodies that may cause graft rejection. The selection of assays varies in format, sensitivity and specificity. All products are designed for ease of use, lab efficiency and optimized automation.
  • LABScreen® - utilising Luminex xMAP technology
  • < >AT1R/ETAR – detection of non-HLA antibodies by ELISA
  • FlowPRA® - detection of anti-HLA antibodies in a flow cytometer


  High Resolution, NGS Based HLA Genotyping

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NXType Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) gives you the power to perform first pass, high-resolution genotyping of HLA Class I and Class II loci with a turnaround time of less than three days.
The complete NGS solution includes a multiplex amplification strategy that streamlines library preparation and leverages the speed of the Ion Torrent sequencing platform. TypeStream™, a state-of-the-art data analysis software, automates HLA genotyping, further shortening overall time-to-results. Now, with the introduction of the new Ion S5 sequencing platform, One Lambda can deliver even higher levels of efficiency and speed to the HLA laboratory.


Molecular HLA Genotyping
OLI 3 Mol-pipetting-dna-tray RS1
Renowned for HLA typing technology that identifies HLA alleles, One Lambda offer a comprehensive line of molecular products that supports laboratories and physicians worldwide. With reverse sequence specific oligonucleotide (rSSO), sequence specific primer, and sequence-based typing products for HLA Class I and Class II typing, laboratories can choose the molecular DNA typing method that best meets their needs.
  • LABTypeTM – rSSO-based typing utilising Luminex xMAP technology
  • AllSet+TM Gold SSP – sequence specific primer-based typing
  • SeCoreTM – High resolution Sanger sequence based typing



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