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Disease Research
Molecular Devices provides one of the widest ranges of bioanalytical systems available today. Their instruments, software, and assays have relevance for a variety of scientific methods and across a range of high-priority disease research areas. From neuroscience to cancer to immune and inflammatory disorders, they deliver sophisticated, rapid, and cost-effective detection and analysis capabilities directly to your lab bench.
Immunoassay solutions from Molcecular Devices cover homogenous-no-wash immunoassay kits, microplate washers, and a wide range of powerful detection instrumentation for SPARCL EIA, AlphaELISA, HTRF, absorbance, fluorescence, and chemiluminescence immunoassays.
Bioanalytical Instrumentation
Molecular Devices provides a wide array of bioanalytical systems, instruments, equipment and software for basic life science research, drug discovery & development, and bioassay and biotest development.
With one of the largest portfolios of detection and analysis technologies available from a single provider, Molecular Devices can meet most throughput, application, and budget needs. From imaging to electrophysiology to microplate- & microarray-based analyses, they are your provider of choice for fluorescence, luminescence, UV/Vis absorption, brightfield, label-free, and other detection & analysis technologies for life science research. 
Colony Picking
QPix systems - unmatched for productivity and performance
Developed from world-class QPix robotics, the new QPix 400 series of microbial colony pickers offers the unique option to simultaneously detect colonies and quantify fluorescent markers in a pre-screening step before picking.
More than just colony pickers, these systems enable scientists to:
  • Automate workflows from sampling and spreading to picking
  • Pick the right colonies every time
  • Efficiently manage large, diverse populations for: protein expression, biofuel research, enzyme evolution, phage display, DNA sequencing, library generation and management
QPix systems are used worldwide in over 600 installations in research institutes, sequencing facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. QPix robotics developed a reputation for reliability and accuracy, when used in sequencing centers during the Human Genome project. 
Clone Selection & Screening
Systems based on ClonePix technology are now used in over 100 laboratories around the world to increase workflow productivity, leaving more time to better characterize target proteins and run new projects.
Companies such as GSK, Merck, Wyeth, Genentech, Centocor, MedImmune, UCB and Genmab have implemented ClonePix systems and data are cited increasingly in scientific conferences.
Automatically screening more clones in less time than conventional techniques, selecting cells with optimal expression levels, and picking colonies with accuracy enables scientists to:
  • Increase probability of finding optimal producers
  • Cut cell line/antibody development times – avoid limiting dilution
  • Reject poor performers at an early stage based on expression levels in situ
Colony Enrichment
The CellReporter™ system produces accurate, quantitative data for a wide range of applications utilizing fluorescent cell- and bead-based assays. Intuitive workflows provide full flexibility to optimize and standardize assays from the first image acquisition step through to data analysis and reporting. Typical applications include bead-based assays for hybridoma screening, quantifying antibody production and secretion of cytokines or hormones and cell-based assays for cell cycle analysis, cytotoxicity studies or monitoring protein translocation. 
Cell Growth Quantification
CloneSelect™ Imager – objective, quantitative assessment of cell growth
  • Consistent determination of cell confluence and cell number estimation
  • Generation of growth curves
  • Label-free, white light imaging of living cells
  • Suitable for adherent and settled suspension cells
With high quality imaging and intelligent image analysis, CloneSelect™ Imager replaces time-consuming, subjective manual inspections with consistency and objectivity. Cell growth is viewed and tracked in every well in every plate.



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