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Molecular Devices

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MD5 1 Screening

Molecular Devices provides one of the widest ranges of bioanalytical systems to support drug discovery screening efforts - from target evaluation through to early safety assessments. They deliver high performance at an affordable price per data point across a full range of detection technologies, including fluorescence, luminescence, UV/Vis absorption, bright-field, and voltage/current.

MD5 2 Pathway

Pathway Analysis
Understanding the complexity of signal transduction pathways is critical for understanding normal biological conditions and disease states. Molecular Devices offers one of the widest ranges of products available for pathway analysis--from dedicated, single readout devices to automated, multi-detection systems. They also offer bioanalytical systems that support live cell imaging and label-free analysis to generate more physiologically relevant results.

MD5 3 Vaccines

Whether performing research for prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines, Molecular Devices can support the success of your efforts. From basic research and discovery to production, Molecular Devices provides a range of fast, sensitive, robust, and reliable bioanalytical technologies for cell-based assays and screening to support your vaccine testing, development, and vaccine research programs.

MD5 4 Translational

Translational Research
Molecular Devices is well positioned to support the needs of both academia and industry when it comes to translational research. They provide a wide range of technologies that help you generate more physiologically-relevant results, including live cell capabilities and label-free analytical systems. They also have a long and respected history of providing advanced detection capabilities--from dedicated, single readout instruments to automated, multi-detection systems.



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