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C. Gerhardt is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of analysis systems for food and animal feed, raw materials and plant matter. They represent reliability and precision, long-lasting partnerships, flexibility and continuous service orientation – since 1846.


The C. Gerhardt digestion blocks are perfectly adapted to the needs of accredited laboratories and ensure the validity and reproducibility of the analysis results by automating and documenting the process steps.

Ideal for subsequent Kjeldahl distillation with the VAPODEST® distillation units.

Different models available up to the top model, the KT-L, which is a future-proof investment through state-of-the-art technology.
GERH Digestion


Steam Distillation

VAPODEST® is currently the most modern and powerful analysis system on the market for nitrogen analysis using the Kjeldahl method. 

VAPODEST® is also ideal for the steam distillation of volatile acids, sulphur dioxide, TVB-N, ammonium, formaldehyde, phenol, alcohol, vicinal diketones or hydrogen cyanide.

The embedded PC ensures that it will also be possible to meet the increasingly complex requirements for data management in accredited laboratories in the future (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, GLP).
VAPODEST® systems distinguish themselves by an excellent operation life. Precise pumps control the addition of reagents with maximum exactness. The steam pressure can be fully adjusted from 10 to 100 %. The unique, programmable "soft-start" function ensures controlled reactions.
GERH SteamDistillation


Dumas Combustion – Automated Nitrogen / Protein Analysis

Modern laboratories face the daily challenge of analyzing samples quickly, reliably and precisely. For a safe and efficient determination of nitrogen / protein, C. Gerhardt has developed the DUMATHERM® series. The combustion of the samples is performed fully automatic in accordance to the method of Dumas and provides valid results within a very short time. DUMATHERM® units are particularly easy to handle and can be operated at low costs.
GERH ElementalAnalysis


Rapid Extraction System for solid-liquid extractions 

C. Gerhardt‘s innovative SOXTHERM® rapid extraction system is the highest performed of all laboratory extraction systems available on the market. It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consistently. With SOXTHERM® you can process up to 24 different samples simultaneously. The device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. Just insert the extraction beaker and let it run: The time your presence is required is reduced to a minimum. The control software monitors and logs all processing and device data. Your advantage: The extraction processes in your laboratory are transparent, documented and traceable at all times.
GERH RapidExtraction



HYDROTHERM is the world’s first and only automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt. The complete digestion and filtration process runs in a closed system. The unit can therefore be operated outside a fume cupboard. Laboratory personnel do not come into contact with hot liquids and acid fumes. Six samples can be digested simultaneously. 
GERH Hydrolysis


Fiber Analysis

FIBRETHERM® – cleverly thought-out details and practical accessories make it easier to handle the samples, improve the result and increase the level of safety in the laboratory.

High-quality components and comprehensive safety functions ensure trouble-free operation and make it possible to run the device without monitoring it.
GERH FiberAnalysis


Special Digestions - COD, Trace metals and Cyanide 

For determining the chemical oxygen demand, e.g. in accordance with DIN 38409/German standard method H41.

Digestion in aluminium heating block with precise temperature control.

Heating up samples to 148 °C in less than 10 minutes.
Reliable technology from C. Gerhardt with innovative functions facilitate the daily routine in laboratories and enable a smooth digestion process.
GERH SpecialDigestions